Twitter old Bluecheck system as compared to current system under Elon Musk

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  • Last week, Twitter made good its promises to revoke the verified blue check on accounts that refused to opt into the monthly subscription.

  • Many of Twitter’s high-profile users lost the blue checks that helped verify their identity and distinguish them from impostors on the Elon Musk-owned social media platform.

  • Crypto twitter was not left out as many crypto firms, founders, celebrities and influencers lost their verify identity.
    Many has criticised the current Blue Check system which is based on phone verification and payment of premium.

  • They think it could encourage fake, imposter, or parody account that can pay premium get access to verification which and this raises concerns that Twitter could lose its status as a platform for getting accurate, up-to-date information from authentic sources, including in emergencies.

  • Elon Twitter believe the move is necessary to reduce Twitter’s dependence on advertising, and help to fight scam, bot and fake account.

Original information derived from Telegram: Contact @Satoshi_club

Here is questions for discussion:-

  • Do you think the new Twitter #BlueCheck system is good for twitter and Crypto community and can it help to get rid of scam, impersonator, imposter and bot account?

  • Should profile verification be based on premium payment rather than identity verification or should it combine both?

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Siento esta vez no poder decir nada ni en pro ni en contra, sigo diciendo no me gusta Twitter.


Oh it totally fine,
I understand and respect your point of view.


Yes, the new subscription system of twitter is good for them. Not sure about crypto community. Storing data on the servers is not free.
I’ve suggested this before, even this forum needs a revenue model or it may end with same fate as wink casino. There can be a subscription model and allow dapps to advertise here, from these ad revenues, the forum can incentivize it’s users like Brave browser does.


We need a world where everyone has an opportunity to acquire something. A world where there is no individual seeing himself as superior than the other.

Elon wants that world hence making the bluecheck mark available to everyone who wants it at a small fee.

We cant rid scammers, with bluecheck or no bluecheck people were still getting duped.

I think this new system is a step in the right direction. Someone bought something worth billions and u dont want him to atleast rake in some little profit the best way he could.

Though the amount charged is small, but this is what Robert Kiyosaki talk about in his book, the CashFlow Quadrant.


All good to have you qualify point of view.

Yes, Elon musk need a media of equality

As as business man/ model a buck fees for the badge is worth it
So a to have profit.

With or without the badge… we can’t get rid of the scammers.
The will still be with us.
We all need to vigilant online.


Exactly, no matter what mechanism you adopt, scammers will adapt. They say as you look for a stone to throw at a bird, the bird also looks for a place to fly to.


This is both a gift and a curse cause this gives scammers enough leverage to purchase blue checks of public figures and exert damage before such accounts are flagged off as impostors.

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@Nana66419 yes you said it well, as security measures advance. So as scammers too advances.

@manfred_jr .
Yes I thought of this too.
Scamers don’t mind buying verification badge
For public figure who don’t use Twitter
Just to legalised their activities


Just as in Crypto. DYOR it is so in every endeavor that something precious can be lost.

You just have to be vigilant! Blue checks if not properly check can lead to a massive scam on a larger scale, there was this twitter account of Ethereum founder Vitalik, it was blue checked but it was a scam. Way before the introduction of all this $8/m scheme.

With this new way of getting blue checks people will do their double checks before dealing with any account. People will not fall for any blue check just like that again. To me its a blessing in disguise. Just that you have to put in work.

Elon is removing laziness from social media :joy::joy::joy:


No se te escapa nada en cuestión de Twitter

Hahaha i am currently on break from twitter. Dealing with some personal stuffs that needs me off from that place for the time been.

When i am done, twitter will have to run for its life

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Así me gusta, hazte valer

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Lols, literally not all persons
Some will even be happy that fake public figure will
Follow them on twitter.
Then the could be prone to fake giveaway scams

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Beyond Crypto, people who see dyor as a survival tactic would easily make it out of almost every situation.


You are my boss in crypto and i know DYOR is your middle name. No one can ever scam you. The kind of due diligence you do is out of this world.

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With all humility ser, your shoes are still so big for me to fill.

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Hmm, thanks for this information man, I actually use Twitter a lot to be honest

I mean let’s face it, this is just Elon micromanaging himself out of an userbase again. I’m pretty sure this is bad not just for crypto but for anything that requires trust from posters since paying for verification is a road to disaster as has already been demonstrated since Elon bought Twitter.

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Yes, Some other critics say this too

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