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Creating NFTs has largely remained with those familiar with blockchain and cryptocurrency. The technology learning gap has prevented the further expansion and adoption with the mainstream population.

Even though it’s the talk of parties, classrooms and in the media, can a regular non-blockchain individual learn to create and store an NFT without much effort?

This is where UCanNFT aims to bridge the gap.

JTSGlobal was the first and currently largest TRON community. Our goal has always been to create a fun, educational and safe learning space for those who are interested in TRON and blockchain. This gave us front row seats to the challenges new comers face when entering the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

While NFTs have mainly been created for sharing/selling artwork, music, first tweets and gaming we aim to expand this to include your everyday moments in life. Imagine minting those most cherished moments in life from the birth of your child, your wedding photo, a celebration of life, your child’s first piece of artwork or just a simple selfie.

Now imagine an easy to use Dapp, something easy enough that your children, friends and neighbors of all ages can use to create and enjoy.

Our goal is to make this work with a simple point and click, never having to worry about purchasing cryptocurrency from the market or learning how to use a wallet. The online payment for minting or other features will be made by using your credit card. Not only easy, we strive to make it creative, fun and social with a design studio with filters, frames and design tools. Who wouldn’t want to share their announcement or creation to their social media channels?

We are not stopping at personal use. Offering portals for non-profit organization fundraising efforts and school learning packages to making it easy for corporate clients and sports events organizers. Imagine the participants at your local basketball tournament being able to make their own player card NFT.

Initially starting with a Dapp, with the future goal of adding mobile apps, this can become the next big social application.

While all features may not be available at the beginning, the hope is to over time incorporate the following:

Income will be generated by adding a surcharge to the cost of the minting, affiliate agreements and selling advertising space. This surcharge will cover development and the purchase of RECs (Renewable Energy Credits) to offset our carbon footprint. A first I’m sure for an NFT project.

JTSGlobal Twitter: @JTSGlobal
Telegram: @tbatista
email: jtscommunity@gmail.com

Partnerships welcome!


How do you plan on convincing non-crypto users to use this platform? In terms of family photos and such becoming NFTS, how will you compete/convince users to use NFTs on a blockchain rather than uploading their pictures/camera moments on say Instagram to share?


Hi @WindsOfChange92, nice to see you here and thank you for your questions.

While I don’t anticipate users uploading all their photos of say their wedding, travel, etc and making them NFTs (I does cost money). I can envision this as a place to create, store and share just those extra special ones, just as you would frame and hang your favorite wedding photo. Another use case would be a wedding photographer including an NFT in their complete wedding photo package. Uploading your photos are just one of the features. Budding artists and create and sell their work.

NFTs are new and exciting. Frequently our kids come home from school saying that their friends were talking about NFTs but really know one knows how to create one. We are just bridging the gap.

Advertising would of course start with word of mouth and then proceed to the normal means like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, etc. We also have a plan to include a reward system for referrals.

Maybe one day we’ll have an NFT social media platform :wink:


This is gonna be the best project out there. This can help bring tons of new people to TRON blockchain. This is a very family friendly platform for everyone to use and looks like it will be super simple and easy.
Great :grinning::+1:t2: .


Nice idea, be good to see how the community receives this


Yes, the plan is to make it easy and fun to use for any age.


Sounds interesting,can’t wait on the progress




Amazing introduction #UCanNFT #TRON #NFT


UCanNFT sounds interesting platform feeling that if they can, you can, I can, we can do anything that suit to our own perspective or speciality at blockchain or social media. All in one in one site. Looking more forward unto it, feeling excited. Goodluck and more power JTSGlobal our support is yours like always!


Great idea and the best project to attract people to the Blockchain :+1::heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark:
Good luck dear


Great to see you on this hackathon @TrinaJTS ! In the future you might take advantage of dCloud source code to store your NFTs on BTFS (the uAlbum portion of your project) :slight_smile: . Cheers!


I’ll definitely look into that, thanks.


Thanks @MarjanJTS1. Our goal as a community is to attract and educate and have those interested in blockchain and crypto to have a safe and informative place to go and learn. With our project we hope to onboard those with little or no experience is a completely RISK FREE way and to being a new use case to NFTs.


Thanks @cha for your support!


Due to a missing tag #UCanNFT was not included in the voting component of the Hackathon. This would reduce a potential weighting of 40% which reduces our chances immensely. We have decided to withdrawal the project from this session and will resubmit correctly in the next session in May.

Make sure you take a look at all the great projects this session and get your votes in before the end of the voting portion.

We’ll keep our information up in here and feel free to continue to ask questions. We appreciate your feedback.




Thanks for info :+1::heavy_check_mark:


Bummer, but it’s ok. This great idea and project will likely get 1st place next round :grinning::+1:t2:.


Very much looking forward to seeing you in the next one!


Dam jtsglobal is now a dev team nice congrats