UNIC: Scan to verify your NFT!

Project Name: UNIC
Project Track: NFT
Team Name: Team UNIC
Team Member(s): noah95, scottsgcho
DevPost URL: UNIC | Devpost

Project Goal: UNIC was inspired by the world’s demand for a solution to counterfeits, one that can truly preserve and protect the authenticity of digital and physical assets. The market today lacks a solution that can verify immediately and accurately, whether it is an image file from BAYC or a purse from GUCCI. We are here to solve the digital and physical counterfeit problem, once and for all.

Project Info: UNIC is a platform where signatured NFTs are created, traded, and verified. Users can scan an asset, whether digital or physical, to verify the NFT linked to the asset!

Project Website: https://tron.unic.io/

Project Test Instructions: Download our demo mobile application and try scanning the assets pegged to the NFT

Project Details: UNIC provides creators with protection and users with authentication, through encoded invisible signatures that make NFTs scannable across the digital spectrum and in the physical world. Our solution centers around the invisible signature, which is similar to the QR code except it is invisible to the human eye and yet detectable by our mobile application camera. UNIC’s invisible signatures can be encoded covertly and forensically into any image, such as NFT artwork itself or a logo that represents the NFT collection. The coolest part is that the signatured images are scannable even from the physical world once printed on any kind of physical material such as paper, clothes, leather, etc.

Project Milestones: Build a pegged-NFT platform. Our vision is to protect the world from digital and physical counterfeits. Ultimately, we want to build our marketplace where signatured NFTs are created, verified, and traded. UNIC can give creators not only protection from digital counterfeits but also an infrastructure to earn profit from resale trades of physical assets as each asset is connected to an NFT. Accordingly, UNIC will give users a scanning solution to verify anything across the digital spectrum and in the physical world. The future we are trying to build is one where users can verify a BAYC image or a GUCCI wallet simply by scanning.