UNIC - Scan to Verify Your NFT

UNIC: Scan to Verify Your NFT

Project Name: UNIC

Project Track: NFT

Team Name: UNIC

Team Member(s): 2 @pyrie @luckyg

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Project Goal: A platform where creators can mint signatured NFTs that can be scanned for verification

Project Info: UNIC was inspired by the world’s demand for a solution to counterfeits, one that can truly preserve and protect the authenticity of digital and physical assets. The market today lacks a solution that can verify immediately and accurately, whether it is an image file from BAYC or a purse from GUCCI. We are here to solve the digital and physical counterfeit problem, once and for all.

Check out our deck and the demo video!

Project Website: https://tron.unic.io/

Project Test Instructions: Download our mobile application and try scanning the assets that the NFTs are pegged to.

Project Details: UNIC provides creators with protection and users with authentication, through encoded invisible signatures that make NFTs scannable across the digital spectrum and in the physical world. Our solution centers around the invisible signature, which is similar to the QR code except it is invisible to the human eye and yet detectable by our mobile application camera. UNIC’s invisible signatures can be encoded covertly and forensically into any image, such as NFT artwork itself or a logo that represents the NFT collection. The coolest part is that the signatured images are scannable even from the physical world once printed on any kind of physical material such as paper, clothes, leather, etc.

Project Milestones: Our vision is to protect the world from digital and physical counterfeits. Ultimately, we want to build our marketplace where signatured NFTs are created, verified, and traded. UNIC can give creators not only protection from digital counterfeits but also an infrastructure to earn profit from resale trades of physical assets as each asset is connected to an NFT. Accordingly, UNIC will give users a scanning solution to verify anything across the digital spectrum and in the physical world. The future we are trying to build is one where users can verify a BAYC image or a GUCCI wallet simply by scanning.


That is a nice idea, it is going to protect creators. But if a project is open source someone can get the codes and replicate it on another chain. How do u plan to solve this open source issue.

Take for example, Cryptopunks was created on ETH, another team took it and replicated it on tron and called it Tpunks, now this same project has appeared on the Klever blockchain called KoolPunks.

Each claiming its authenticity on the individual chains. How do we save creators from this mess as people are enjoying from the hardworks of others by counterfeiting them on other chains.


The creators should either launch on all chains or declare their official addresses on each chain otherwise so that you can see the creator for each.

I think our solution comes the closest to solving the multichain counterfeit problem if the creator doesn’t take the above measures. If someone copyies the same NFT image on the original chain and posts it on another chain, people would be able to scan to verify that the NFT image is indeed from another chain.


Nice one. This is really thought out. It will go along way to clean the space. Thank you and wishing you the best in this hackathon.

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Thank you. Feel free to ask us anything!

I really like the idea, but didn’t really get how it works.

To be able to work, all the nft would have to be minted through UNIC in order to have this “invisible mark” i guess. How does it work for all the nft minted somewhere else?

Do you have more technical info about this invisible QR code?

Thanks a lot

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Hola, me parece muy buena idea, de esta manera se mostraría la autenticidad del NFt o colección de ellos. Suerta

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@pyrie best nft project I’ve ever seen, u got 1 vote

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Thank for your awesome questions man.

First of all, our business plan is to actually provide this solution in APIs to other marketplaces, brands, and even brands for their own software. We will just be one of the channels, and I why we need our own is to build KPIs to convince those future partners.

Second, all we can tell about the invisible QR code through a comment is that we make a scannable dot pattern blend into the original image, until the point it’s unrecognizable by the human eye but detable by the phone camera. We are working on a tech whitepaper for further explanations.

Hope my answer helped you!

Thank you so much haha

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This easily helps to identify he real and fake NFTs
This project is so great

Wow fantastic project! Kudos to the team and goodluck