Using knowledge map to analyze TRON Address

Project Name: Automatic TRON Address Clustering
Project Track: Web3
Team Name: MistTrack Team
Team Member(s): 6
DoraHacks Project Link: TRON Address Clustering | Buidls | DoraHacks

Project Goal: Our goal this time is to present an advanced system utilizing machine learning and graph computing to analyze attributes of TRON addresses to identify common user addresses, hot wallet addresses, and cold wallet addresses in the TRON ecosystem. At the same time, our analysis will examine each address’s characteristics and relationships to aid in the tracking of hacker addresses and activity, allowing relevant personnel to access additional insight into a wallet.
Project Info:

In this age of information boom, the SlowMist security team discovered that malicious actors frequently utilize social media, phishing websites, and other methods to steal users’ digital assets. Our address identification mechanism primarily uses graph and machine learning algorithms to evaluate the public transaction history of TRON’s users and label their addresses into 3 separate categories: Hot wallet, Cold wallet, and Common users.

This is accomplished by combining the graph algorithm with node mining techniques to execute large-scale mining of transaction attributes of user address transactions. This also has the ability to perform influence analysis, community discovery based on tag propagation algorithm, and transaction path discovery based on graph traversal algorithm.

Project Website:

Project Test Instructions:

  1. Install automatic-tron-address-clustering/ at main · slowmist/automatic-tron-address-clustering · GitHub
  2. Running automatic-tron-address-clustering/ at main · slowmist/automatic-tron-address-clustering · GitHub

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GitHub - slowmist/automatic-tron-address-clustering: Automatic TRON Address…

Automatic TRON Address Clustering, by MistTrack. Contribute to slowmist/automatic-tron-address-clustering development by creating an account on GitHub.

Project Milestones:

  • Machine Learning (finished)
  • Graph Algorithms (finished)
  • Improve the algorithm to enhance recognition accuracy
  • Access additional TRON ecosystem functionality, expand data scope, and enhance processing efficacy

Welcome to HackaTRON S4.
Please so what wallets are going to fall under common and where will hackers’ wallets fall, will there be any tag to identify their addresses.


Hello team,

Security is an important aspect in web3 that needs a lot of improvement. Happy to see that your project works towards that direction.

I wanted to know what aspects of an address are tracked and based on which factors are the categories decided. And before that, yes, what is the meaning of each category?

Thank you & wish you all the best!

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Bienvenido al S4, su proyecto parece tener características interesantes a nivel de tipos de billetera tal como ha dicho mi amigo @Prince-Onscolo, también estaría interesado en saber en que tipo de billeteras se podrá operar y si estarán etiquetadas, espero más detalles. Gracias

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Welcome to Grand hackathon season 4 :handshake:

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Welcome to Season 4 guys :robot:

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Welcome to this new hackathon, it has an interesting project

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The address labels we use come from tronscan and public information, and use graph algorithms to find associated risk addresses.

Thank you for your attention to our project, for detailed information, please check our official website and products.

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Ok so what about scammers address. Any tag?

    The address here has some tags, good or bad.
  2. Twitter is also a source.

Please try our product to learn more.


Alright I will check it out thanks

Hello MistTrack,

It’s good to see that the project is focused on developing a mechanism that can be used to protect users’ digital assets and prevent malicious actors from stealing them.

I would like to know that what steps are being taken to ensure the privacy and security of user data while mining transaction attributes of user address transactions? Are there any potential risks or vulnerabilities that need to be addressed?

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All data we used is public, we respect and protect user privacy.

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Keep building. All the best for the project.

He visitado su página, tengo que decir que me ha sorprendido gratamente a nivel de la información detallada y lo que ofrecen, buen trabajo.

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Hello, welcome to Season 4

What specific insights or benefits can someone expect to gain from mapping the knowledge and connections within the Tron ecosystem?

It is an important factor today to respect the privacy of the user.

Hello, you have participated with the same project during season 2 and 3. Participants who have already presented a same project in the previous seasons have to go to the builder track and explain what are the improvements.

@StevenTRON and @WindsOfChange92 will be able to provide you with more info about that if needed.

Good luck!

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