Web3Space NFT Marketplace

Bot or not. These types of comments are not genuine users.

Yes,. Comments like that not related or unmatched

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we have bot detectors here lol…

Now he has come back so I don’t think it’s bot lol

@Kojopapo Hello, I really like the design principles and the color scheme of the displaying NFT’s the content of the project is highly exciting one of my favs so far, have a good day and keep it going.

peace out

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@Dermov1 thanks, will do.

I’m amazed by this. Keep up the good work :muscle:

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To my understanding I think the Web3Space NFT marketplace project is a promising initiative that has the potential to revolutionize the way digital assets are bought, sold, and owned.
The project team has a clear vision for the platform and has taken the necessary steps to ensure its success. The use of the BitTorrent blockchain is a strategic decision that will help to make the platform more energy-efficient, scalable, and secure.
The project team has also developed a detailed roadmap for the development and launch of the platform, which gives me confidence in their ability to execute on their plans.

Overall, I believe that the Web3Space NFT marketplace project is a credible and reasonable initiative with the potential to be a major player in the NFT marketplace space.
I am also excited to see how the project progresses and I wish the team all the best in their efforts.:clap:


Any new updates @Kojopapo

@ sorry for the later reply, been looking for the right words, but ill have updates probably next week

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Ok fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

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@nana i might hodl back on this week coming update,

  1. Came up with a problem where after minting NFT’s to the platform they don’t show.
  2. Some NFT’s contracts don’t load on the platform
  3. ERC1155 isn’t supported on BitTorrent explore
  4. The BitTorrent development channels aren’t that much help, as the test network has different chain ID’s which one works everywhere but its not in sync, and the one that works well you get the picture

But when everything work will just, set it on the mainnet and create a new roadmap as the are somethings that i want to change,

will keep everyone posted,

But all these are fixable with time, so when everything works will jus


@WindsOfChange92 could you report this issues to Bittorrent Dev Team and see if they can contact @Kojopapo (or if he could contact someone from the team directly to give more details)?



The telegram page isn’t much help, the forum is actively slow,

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You can also reach out to @adeel for him to help you out.

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Yes unless you find someone that has direct access to BTTC dev team it will be hard to find an answer. Give Winds some times to come on the forum when he can and see if he can be of any help concerning your issue :+1: