Weekly Recap of Some of the Events That Took Place in the Crypto Space

Hello Forumites, I welcome you are to this brand new week. In this post, I will like us to look at some of the events that took place in the previous week that has a way of impacting the crypto market.

Some of the Weekly Recap are;

  1. :us: US judge rules Ripple XRP is not a security.

  2. :us: US inflation falls to 3%, lower than expectations.

  3. :eu: Europe to launch first spot #Bitcoin ETF this month.

  4. :us: Former SEC Chairman says Spot Bitcoin ETFs should be approved.

  5. Coinbase relists Ripple XRP.

  6. $9 trillion asset manager BlackRock CEO says crypto will transcend international currencies due to global demand.

  7. :us: SEC acknowledges BlackRock’s Spot Bitcoin ETF application.

  8. :us: SEC acknowledges Fidelity, VanEck, WidsomTree, and Invesco Spot Bitcoin ETF applications.

  9. :us: Bank of America ordered to pay $250 million for charging illegal fees and opening credit-card accounts without customer consent.

  10. :australia: Australian Securities Exchange receives its first spot Bitcoin ETF application.

Let us know in the comment section, which one you are most bullish on.


GM Boss
Last week had a very good events in the CRYPTO space
On of the then with the momentum


WE saw xrp with some magical pump in reaction to the news

Xrp later grew to become the 4th largest coin in the
Coin market capitalisation.

so many good news for crypto, nice to see BlackRock’s CEO comment and also SEC acknowledging their application

Recently we have some recap of many positive news which is a very good move but bear in mind that there would also be some negative news soon,…we are in the crypto world,… meme Will never cease to exist :joy:

That’s right bro… The Ripple court case was a major milestone for the cryptocurrency industry. It was a major win for Ripple and has had a significant impact on the cryptocurrency market which saw XRP growing steadily since then, to become the fourth largest coin by market capitalization.

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That is great news indeed! Cryptocurrency has the potential to be a game-changer in the finance world, and it’s great to see major players such as BlackRock getting involved. I’m sure the SEC’s acknowledgment of their application will help accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrency.

Yeah but we wish for the good ones and hope it lasts

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Everyone hopes for the good ones so as life but definitely there must be some bads too to balance :balance_scale: the equation

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Definitely but let’s see how the market will respond after this bullish events

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Let’s wait and see. SEC can’t be trusted lol
But this is positive


I love good news but bad news/ FUD is inevitable


They already said they are disappointed that the court ruled XRP not a security. I doubt if there is anything they can still do other than that :joy::joy::joy:

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Read that :joy::joy::joy::joy:

They can’t be trusted no

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Yes though but we are waiting for their next move, if they can attempt to take one again :joy::joy:

yeah we are waiting, I dont know why that guy has a hardened heart like that lol

JUST IN: :us: SEC Chair Gary Gensler says he’s “disappointed” the court ruled $XRP is not a security.

Please what could be the problem with XRP??

Nothing as he just expressed a personal opinion. When he act on his capacity, we will then know what his next step of action will be