Welcome to TRON Grand Hackathon - HackaTRON Season 5

Tim Hortons roll up the rim sweepstakes are popular in Canada because everyone gets Tim hortons coffee in the morning. Starbucks is USA.



oh I see, they are used to. Sorry for them

man it’s so cool that it’ll also increase the variety of projects

Love tron

Hi, Excited for the Hacktron!
What kind of project you guys are building?

I want to know can we create Web3 Games?
Is there category for Gamify?

yes please artistry is the track for nfts and gamefi

And i ask myself does Quebec share boarder with those other countries listed there.???

Is there any fun thing at all in Quebec.??

Sorry they have JUST FOR LAUGHS GAGS

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Welcoming even more hackathon participants and members to the TRON Forum as of 2023-09-14T19:00:00Z:

@mansi060 @Sam.B @isharif @Seshat @crhodes2 @web3deb @Hrushi @forestpoint @blend @vamz @skyjade @ToFee.Net @Raditya23 @atakan @ericobi @mehmetalidemirci @suchakra1 @Buddyharshal @csfm1993 @shivaraj @Klutsey @JoyceObenewaa98 @vishva @Sakhi @Afenyo @kwamenkuruma

We are happy to have you join the Season 5 of the HackaTRON. It’s your time to build and build in public with the support of a charged community.

Amongst you is @Cornycoin69 who has been an engaged community member for over a year and a half. It appears they are leveling up by taking a leap into project building. If any new members have questions feel free to post and reach out to each other.

Now that you have been approved, be sure to take the next step to post your project in the TRON DAO Forum and tag it with one of the relevant tags: Web3, DeFi, Artistry, AI.

NOTE: Performing this step by October 5th will ensure your project won’t get disqualified before the Pre-Selection period.

If you’re a previous builder re-submitting a project with major updates - please ensure to add the Builder tag.

Special shoutouts to members who have already taken the initiative for posting already:

@Kojopapo @mysticShub @metachronical @KachDN @TronEnergize @DreamVerser @TritonTeam @Crypto_Museum @tronsave.io @ZeroGravity

As new builders we appreciate you exhibiting your ideas and projects to us here in the TRON community.


You are all welcome
We look forward to see what you have for us.

Happy building :handshake::fire:


I can see some bunch of armies trooping in , welcome all welcome all , looking forward for all the submission


Wow wow :star_struck:
I can see alot of Ghanaians in there taking this to the next level.

Can’t waitt for what my brothers and sisters have to offer. Wishing everyone all the best and may this be a nice beginning for you all newcomers.

If anyone has any questions or wants to have a tour in the forum, don’t hesitate to ask.
I can be your tour guide :sunglasses:


As DreamVerser, thank you very much for your explanation and for keeping the forum constantly updated :heart:


Welcome to the forum, guys!
Let’s see what you’re bringing to the community in this hackathon and don’t wait for the deadline before posting your project. Do that on time to gain community engagement and build relationship from that. It helps a lot.


Thanks so much for the warm welcome!:woman_astronaut:

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Thanks, we think it is important to engage with the community, how to build an App or project if there is no community behind it…


I really love this like it really wonderful and mind blowing


Thank you so much just saw it buddy @Prince-Onscolo


Hello guys, I hope it’s not too late to submit yet, as I’m just getting done with my project @Prince-Onscolo @Nana66419 @Gordian


No please you still have up to 6th October

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@Klutsey a Ghanaian right?

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Some few weeks left to go, the earlier you submit the better chance u stand for the community to review your project and get the needed recommendations and/or suggestions and also questions that are all geared towards fine tuning your project to suit community needs.

Welcome @Klutsey

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