Welcome to TRON Grand Hackathon - HackaTRON Season 5

Kiran Shankar Chawan | Developer Profile on HackerEarth. this is my hackerearth id plz give me access to submit project on tron forum plz also send steps to submit project on tron forum plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz because only 6 days left plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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@admin.hackathon @WindsOfChange92 @StevenTRON @EMerchant @HunterTRON
please let me create a forum post for a hackathon project season 5

@admin.hackathon @HunterTRON please grant access to create forum post for posting my Hackatron Season 5 project

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@admin.hackathon can you please review my AI track post which is blocked by the spam filter

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You are all welcome

Admins will be active soon and grant you access🙏
@admin.hackathon @StevenTRON @EMerchant @WindsOfChange92


Hello friends. Here a person is faced with a problem. You can help him somehow. We don’t understand how to fix his problem

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Hello buddy, please if you having energy related issues can we chat in DM?

Or reach out to @Dendorion

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I am interested to know what goes on these DMs :stuck_out_tongue: When we have energy great energy lending platform where users can easily be directed to.

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Lols, nothing bad in DM,
No bad intension or misleading


Hehe I know obviously. Just curious

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@AdamBures I sent you a message.

@pfed-prog @Hgogia @kiranK55 @Dmitry @Adinil you have all been added. Please make sure you post under Hackathon Season 5 and use the correct category tags for your entry. Thanks.

@blend I have notified the super admin to check your post.


Thank you very much for the offer of help. We have fixed this issue


@admin.hackathon @HunterTRON
Hello, Could you please give me access to create forum post on Hackatron Season 5 to post my project? Thank you.

@WindsOfChange92 @StevenTRON @EMerchant PFYA

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Sent you a message @0xDim

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Looking forward to participating in this

:wave: Hey everyone, I’m from Blend (Artificial Track)!

The demo video for Blend has finally been uploaded on YouTube ~ We spent a lot of time preparing this video to explain the concept and idea of Blend, and also demonstrate how Blend can be integrated into your next Tron blockchain game. As Blend is built with complex AI technology, our team knows that the video will be a bit lengthy, but you definitely can learn a lot from our project.

Let me know in the comment section how you think after watching it~ Enjoy!

Click here to Blend’s project post


@WindsOfChange92 @StevenTRON Can you please give me access to create a forum post for The season 5 hackathon? Thank you!

The time for submission has ended. Now it’s time for clean-up and then voting.
I want to express the gratitude to the organizers for the opportunity to participate in Season 5.
Good luck to all participants.


Here is the guide.

Here will be supper busy during voting.
All the best everyone