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It really really educative most especially also mind blowing


@admin.hackathon I didn’t know this was possible :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

People reading less than 1 min getting a Basic badge. (P.S. I couldn’t post the screenshot because I don’t have a basic badge…oops!)

They must have read the most correct posts - 2 posts in total btw :rofl:

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Its like crypto investment. Someone will come today, buy a coin and tomorrow turn into a billionaire,

Someone will stay here since bitcoin was invented and still broke. :sunglasses:

It all about reading the right post and reading it well


That’s a good analogy! :smiley:


Hello TronDao, I’m new member here!

You welcome, browse around the forum to know more
Ask questions where you don’t understand

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Thank you Gordian, I’m reading topics!

In December 2021, TRON became a purely community-governed decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).
This means that the TRON community is now responsible for governing the network and making decisions about its future.

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Tron is a great chain. I have a question: if a team want to apply with their project for grant support, where can the project apply and who decides or you get the funds?

Thank you

The easiest way is to participate in the HackaTron. There is also an ecosystem fund but I think a requirement is to already be backed by a VC.
So if you are not ready to enter a hackathon before October 5-6, you can enter the next season :+1:

You’ll find all the infos about grants on Trondao.org

Like DAO, i Like Tron.

Same, it’s nice to interact with people and share the latest things👌

Thanks for sharing, do you have any experience with the grants from Tron? If yes, can you tell some more please? Thanks

I don’t know any project that successfully went through the whole process and got fundings.
Hence the easiest way is probably the Hackathon.

(Note that the ecosystem fund isn’t really a grant but funding. There are builders grants but haven’t heard about it for a while so it might be in pause).