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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @trondaobot display help.

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TRON has a great DAO. It’s easy to navigate and I like the new badges that they have implemented during the last years.

Question to the community: which new badge do you want to see/earn?:eyes:


lol this is the badge I want to earn


Oh this badge made me feel that I don’t know how to read.

React to a post how? Angry or happy?.


Some weeks some users are online a lot and they help to projects so much like @Prince-Onscolo @Gordian. There could be a badge like the best employee of month in some supermarkets, like the best forum-user of month. I think it would be sweet :joy: :laughing:


OK we have best new user monthly but we are yet to have something like what you have suggested. thanks mate


hahaha I don’t know what they want


Good days buddy, oh Thanks for the Appreciation Tag and mention.
Good suggestions tho.
Last time I checked on the badges I believe we need more to enhance some sense of activeness

@Prince-Onscolo is my mentor, we do our best to keep the forum active, interaction with projects and give our suggestions.

How about Badges like.

Best contributor of the Month ( different from best users of the month).


Lols, I strongly believe that could be a mistake or error in codes for that particular badges…
Anyways, let get back out Regular badge…lols

hahahaha I think same here

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I like to get the devotee badge, but i have to be on the platform for 365 consecutive days. That aint an easy task at all.

Also i agree with how easy it is to navigate the TronDao forum. If you have had the opportunity to join other forums using similar discourse like this, you will get to appreciate this even more.


This would be much more suitable to encourage people to go online, let something like this come.

Remark: 1 person just should only receive 1 time this badge, otherwise we have no chance against you :joy:



Please I don’t understand this, come again?.

How about tutor badge,


yeah this forum is really helpfull
We can connect with other link-minded people & it has it’s own benefits
thanks a lot…


The concept of TRONDAO is truly a significant development within the TRON network and the broader blockchain community. This article provides a concise yet informative overview of what TRONDAO is and its role in advancing decentralization.

TRON’s mission to accelerate the decentralization of the Internet through blockchain technology and decentralized applications (DApps) is commendable. Since its inception in 2017 and the MainNet launch in 2018, TRON has made remarkable progress.

The most noteworthy achievement is the network’s complete decentralization in December 2021, transitioning into a purely community-governed Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). This transition represents a fundamental shift in governance and community involvement in the TRON ecosystem.

The DAO model, which stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization, is a groundbreaking approach to governance. TRON’s community members have the authority to vote for their preferred blockchain validators, the Super Representatives. These Super Representatives not only validate transactions and produce blocks but also have the ability to propose and modify network parameters like transaction fees and block rewards. This level of community involvement is empowering and aligns with the principles of decentralization.

Moreover, the emphasis on community engagement and participation is a vital aspect of TRONDAO. Providing a platform for community members to share their opinions and suggestions is key to ensuring the continuous improvement of the TRON ecosystem. This ethos of collective effort in decentralizing the web is inspiring and underlines the belief that, as a community, we can shape a better future together.

In summary, TRONDAO’s evolution into a community-governed DAO is a testament to TRON’s commitment to decentralization and the engagement of its user base. It’s an exciting development that paves the way for a more inclusive and democratic approach to blockchain governance.


I almost considered throwing my phone on the wall while screaming or crying of joy like if I won the World Cup to see if the reaction badge was reachable :roll_eyes:
Actually only the admin can enable the reaction option hehe


GM, so you took the Research to a Reacting level.
Then if so we chill and wait for the role to be activated by admins.

Thanks buddy for sharing, cause I literally skipped this badge


Well I saw your discussion and google it :joy:

I don’t think it will be activated. Probably for the same reason there is no dislike button on Facebook or Twitter. Keeping good vibes with likes.

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Oh you did well for the research, it’s helpful.
Let get to see how it goes it Badge will be activated…
.or we keep up with our usual ways.

How about you qualified for a Leader badge?


oh i see hahaha, thanks

We have stop the hunting :joy:

@admin.hackathon enable it OK :joy::joy::joy: