MeloSynthia AI : Discover the power of AI led music generation

Project Name: MeloSynthia AI: Discover the power of AI led music generation.

Project Track: AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Team Name: Web3 Sailors

Team Member(s): @Ayushman0503 @aayuk @Divyanshu @Ni3 @MaybeMishi @PiyushMishra @gaurav @Nikita @Yashbansal @avinash2002a

HackerEarth Project Link: Web3 Sailors - HackaTRON Season 5 - Submission | HackerEarth Hackathons

Project Goal: Introducing MeloSynthiaAI An AI-Empowered NFT Marketplace MeloSynthiaAI is an AI-empowered NFT marketplace that revolutionizes the idea of creating NFTs. With MeloSynthiaAI, anyone can express their ideas via prompt and generate musical NFTs for free, which they can then list for sale on the platform.

Project Value: In the Blockchain realm there is parallel emerging technology of AI which can empower Blockchain Technology and take it to a whole new level. So, MeloSynthiaAI is the replica of the empowered NFT Marketplace with the power of AI technology. AI-Powered Nfts: This feature would revolutionize the blockchain world as the user can use their creativity to generate their music and can mint it to cool NFTs.
Using text to text and text to audio machine learning models to create music and lyrics based on user prompt which then integrate with blockchain technology and minted as NFTs and would be list as NFT collections for sell on the platform.
MeloBot: An enabled AI chatbot which give knowledge or provide solution regarding any query related to NFTs, TRON ecosystem, buy/sell or transactions related advise on MeloSynthiaAI.
From “what is Nft?” to “how to list and sell my nfts on the platform?”, the melobot empowers every user to indulge in the wonderful Blockchain Tech.
Tron Network : With TronGrid and the TronWeb, our platform will develop seamless Tron Network on which transactions of buy/sell becomes quite speedy, less expensive and more secure with the capability of the AI.
Also enhance the user experience on the NFT marketplace based platform as the user would follow their artists/creators on MeloSynthiaAI. Currently working on it…

Project Website:

Project Test Instructions: Instructions for users:

  1. After opening our website, click on Create Music.

  2. Then on dashboard: you can generate tunes and on lyrical ai tab: you can generate lyrics.

  3. Say, you want to generate tunes select the genre, style and tempo from the wide variety of options.

  4. After selecting the options, just write your prompt like “Kanye’s tunes with lofi beat”

  5. Then the model will start generating (it’ll take some time ) and then you will get tunes.

  6. Then download the tunes

(After connections are done by us you can do the below):

  1. paste the downloaded tune file in the form after you click on the MINT NFT button.

  2. Give it a name and description and then click on “Upload NFT” button.

  3. It will generate a token ID. Then navigate to NFT marketplace and paste on the input box there. Click on the list Nft and set a price, then it will be listed on the marketplace.

  • FOR Generating Tunes: Just enter your prompt and it will generate the lyrics snippet, make sure to be descriptive!

  • MeloBOT: It can clear all your doubts regarding MeloSynthia and answers your questions about TRON Ecosystem!!

  • If you have any doubts, you can reach us by filling the CONTACT US form!!


Smart Contract links: TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器

Project Milestones:

  • Milestone 1 : Idea formulation complete.

  • Milestone 2 : UI of our application done.

  • Milestone 3 : Backend using flask, express done.

  • Milestone 4 : Machine learning part for lyrical ai and tune generation done and connection of it with frontend and backend also done!!

  • Milestone 5 : MELOBOT basics also done.

  • Milestone 6 : basic smart contracts which are essential deployed & others are in development…

  • Upcoming Milestone: working on smart contracts for nft minting and marketplace alongside its connection with frontend using web3js. Alongside that making Melobot more nice!

  • Research Stage: Model research for Song snippets feature which will be coming soon on MeloSynthia.

About Us: We are a bunch of newly promoted students to 2nd year of college ( and one member is fresher). We have created this project by learning and applying things and exploring fields like web3 and ai/ml.

Milestones/Updates since submission date till 24-10-2023:

  1. Site refresh error fixed i.e when you refresh the site it will be refreshed and wont show error code again!!

  2. Melobot user experience improved: The send button experience is now smooth and reply is not abrupt. We are also adding more prompts!

  3. More clean UI

  4. Faster response for select prompts in create music feature! try typing “an gentle warm music with harp” and see the magic…

  5. Longer lyrics in lyrical AI

  6. Connect TronLink option added (you’ll need the extension to use it; we are working on it so that it does redirect automatically, will do it very very soon!)

Feel free to give suggestions!!

Thank You!


Welcome to Season 5
AI, AI, AI, AI, and more AI
What marketing and promotional strategies does MeloSynthiaAI employ to attract users and creators to the platform?


Welcome to Tron Hackathon season 5

I am very impressed with your project, MeloSynthiaAI.
It is clear that you have put a lot of thought and effort into it.
I am particularly interested in the use of AI to generate musical NFTs.
This is a very innovative concept with the potential to revolutionize the music industry.

Please I have an important question

(1) How will you ensure that the AI-generated music is original and does not infringe on any copyrights.


Welcome to Hackatron S5
Good luck


Welcome to Grand Hackathon Season5
If I can generate my music NFTs free at no cost, how then do your platform generate money to maintain your platform?

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Sorry for our late reply. At the moment, our primary focus lies in the NFT marketplace and the implementation of song snippet features. We are committed to advancing our AI technology for even better performance.

As for our marketing strategy, we’ve initially introduced the platform to our college friends who are actively engaged in music production. Once we’ve completed all our planned features, we’ll go all guns blazing towards marketing the platform.


thank you so much!!!


Apologies for late response, Glad to know that you like our project and fascinated with the revolutionary idea of AI generated NFTs too.
To avoid and free from any copyright infringement we have trained our own AI Model on HFspace which generates music based upon the prompts user give as well as with different combinations of genre, style, tempo etc. This empowers users to generate/create intuitive and unique music of numerous combinations .

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Targeting your college friends engaged in music production for initial exposure is a smart move and a clear case of talent hunting and fishing when early if you ask me. It’s also excellent to hear about your dedicated focus on the NFT marketplace and enhancing AI technology for improved performance.
Music tastes and preference varies, I personally like afrobeats, soul, pop, rock hip-hop and RnB, how are you planning to ensure that the AI-generated music is diverse and appealing to a broad audience in this case?


Initially, we would deliver offerings to the users for free on our platform. Later on we would start a subscription model in which user can mint NFTs at no cost, showcasing their collections on the homepage and can get early access to newly listed NFTs on our platform. This will empower buyers especially to acquire NFTs before they would be available for the general public potentially at lower cost.


Which means everything about your platform is gonna be free, then how would your platform be generating income?

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Welcome to season 5, i am really in love with your project and as @Okorie asked, what if the tune and lyrics generated is some way related to someones work.

Drake has been sued by a Ghanaian rapper for using his line in his music.
A line he created 23 years ago.

So out of curiosity , after creating the lyrics, can your model be trained to scan for copyright infringement.


Good morning,

I tested the platform, but I think MeloBot is not working right now. Can you check?

Also, I think you used the wrong API for account balance. The correct API for BTT balance is in the first place in the link;

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I’m sorry for the delay in my response.Soon, a feature will be available that will enable users of our lyrics and tunes generators to compare the lyrical content and tunes they produce to already-existing, non-copyright-free lyrics and melodies from other artists to determine whether they are similar.
Thanks for the suggestion.


Thats very good, also how many languages does your platform support. I might love to create a music in latin or greek.

Who knows i might want to be a music philosopher.


For the time being, we have only used one language dataset to train our lyrics-generating model. We’ll upgrade our model in the future to include functionality for multiple languages.


The more you see such young people, the more you want to support them and share the opportunities they have.

Nice that you are interested in these things at this age and that you are developing yourself. Good luck to all of you, my support is with you :sunflower: :sunflower:


thank you for your kind words!! MEANS A LOT TO US!


21-10-2023 UPDATE -

  1. We are working on improving melobot, it will benefit the tron users and devs massively
  2. NFT minting is also in progress!!
  3. Researching and exploring about adding a copyright checker to our tunes and lyrical ai feature!!(We are adding this because of the extremely valuable feedback given to us by this amazing community members; so we are doing the same)

Have a good day!


Thanks a lot, Hope to gain a lot and learn something from this community