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Hello, I would like to ask few questions regarding the blockchain information storage.

  1. How many full nodes (including the 27 SRs) and how many lite nodes exist? I find a final number of 8263 nodes among 76 countries in the explorer.
  2. Does all the blocks information is been saved on TRON-Grid cloud or it is being divided on the computers of the nodes too?
  3. According to Github, only SRs, Partners and Candidates can create proposals while anyone is free to offer TIPs (Tron Improvement Proposals). So, what is the difference between the proposals that can only been offered by SRs/partners/candidates to TIPs?

Welcome to TronDao forum

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Do you know how can I upload a new post or what is the more accurate forum to find answers?

You need to stay active for some time before you can make a post. reach level trust level 1

How long is it take?

You just have to stay active. Read more

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We should bring votes of governance for activities on the Tron ecosystem to the DAO and allow the community have a say before certain critical decisions go live, I think other forum members would agree to this.

Just voted for Justin Sun as a top creator on Binance

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Tnk you for this wonderful introduction :clap:

decisions like? because I know they vote on done certain decisions

Like reducing total circulation supply of Tron via burn and other governance decisions, that’s the power of community in a DAO.

oh OK but have you followed all the votings? maybe they voted on it

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Absolutely, Bringing critical decision votes to the DAO is a fantastic,I fully support this, and I’m sure many others will too."


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Je dis j’ai destaké 140 tronx et jusque là je n’ai pas accès