Welcome to TRONDAO Forum

vous voulez dire que vous débloquez 140 TRX et que vous n’avez pas reçu votre TRX dans votre portefeuille?

Looking forward to learn more and more.

I actually love Tron ecosystem and what’s it’s all about
It’s a slow and steady growth

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Welcome to our new members :clap::clap::clap:
Please feel at home here and endeavour to stay active in order to exchange ideas with other Tronics in the forum

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This is really an excellent forum, thanks for this.

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Welcome fam, stay active

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Halo, am new and Valerie by name, am new and got in from Twitter announcement. Still finding things hard here but fun topics.

You’re welcome to the forum mate. What are you finding difficult so that we can know how to start helping you get familiar with the forum

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Right now I find it hard going around the forum and knowing the right channels to engage with and I don’t see the button where I can share my little knowledge.

The forum is design in such a way that it will deliver an ease of use experience to the users.

Eg, the topics here is where you can read about any topic you want to read on.

From the topics above, if you click on Tron Hackathon, it will take you to the interface you’re seeing below. And from here, you can choose which season you are more interested in. Eg, if you click on that “All” bar, you will see both current and past season hackathons for you to choose the season you want to read about. When you click on “Tag” you will get to see different tracks that was used in the hackathon, like web3, defi, builders tracks, etc.

Back to this, if there is anything you wish to write about, that will be helpful to the community, you can click “New Post” and begin writing your post

I hope this few guides will help you stay active in the forum


Thank you for helping newbies like us to show how to navigate. I had the same difficulty to navigate in here until I got informed

Really happy to be in the Tron community , it’s a great place to be, I’m learning a lot and I’m happy about that , recently I came across CCC on Tron chain , did my research and bought into the meme … thank you Tron

You are welcome to Trondao forum

Stay active :pray:

Your guide mean everything to me, thank you for helping out, I was able to use the other channels as you explained.