What can i add from TRON DAO into my website?

In Hackathon, There i don’t see any DAO except TRON DAO. I have made DAO system in my website. But can one say what is TRON DAO is? And also how can i integrate it into my project. Because in others hackathon i saw DAO is like NFTs, Defi categories. But in this hackathon, looks like it is another DAO. Any explationation?


I know this is probably too late for you, as the deadline has passed. However I believe this is what you’re looking for to your questions. As you could be talking about 2 different subjects completely I’ll address them separately.

:one: What is Tron DAO?

I believe you’re getting confused with the naming convention. Back at the beginning of the year what was once called Tron Foundation that controlled 3 of the network’s node eventually joined to form 27 nodes and renamed itself as Tron DAO.

This blog post talks about the restructuring: Announcement on TRON Foundation Restructured as TRON DAO | by TRON DAO | Medium

In the hackathon there is a defi category so if you’re resonating with that the most then I’d just use that. You are correct naming yourself DAO and then trying to backlink with a nod to Tron Dao’s Hackathon would be confusing. However if you just wanted to reference what network it is using, then just TRON or the TRON ecosystem would work I believe.

:two: How to attribute back to Tron DAO?

Now if you were asking about how to reference and attribute to Tron DAO, their press release kit has the information you need.

Find the press release kit information here: Press Release

On that page scroll to the bottom and on the right you’ll see the logo downloads and the specifications on how to use the logo and branding colors.


I don’t quite understand? We are the DAO


We is the DAO. Don’t people know that


I didn’t understand what you said :frowning: :frowning: