What kind of app would you like to be developed/design?

I will add one last vote mine I vote for O5 by @fabsltsa.

O1. voted by @rod1232313
O2. voted by @antonio
O5. voted by @Nana66419 @constantinpricope201
O6. voted by @fabsltsa @manfred_jr @wescosmic

Winners :medal_military:

  1. O6 3 votes @Nana66419 (100 TRX)
  2. O5 2 votes @fabsltsa (50 TRX)
  3. O1 and O2 1 vote each @fabsltsa and @rod1232313 (25 TRX each)

Winners please drop here or in private your TRX address. @Nana66419(100 TRX) @fabsltsa (75 TRX) and @rod1232313 (25 TRX). After receiving the price please drop a message for transparency.

For this Hackathon I will submit an idea with O5 similar GeckoTerminal although I understand the need for the solution provided by @Nana66419 unfortunately the P2P transaction or any conversion to fiat will require a legal entity and some policies in place.(as anti laundry money - ALM )

A big thanks to all of you @wescosmic @Prince-Onscolo @antonio @manfred_jr for the implication. If you need something or if I could help in any way do not hesitate to contact me!


Congrats to all winners and we look forward to see a great project from you @constantinpricope201
Thank you

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Got it :partying_face: thanks! Glad you picked the LP data aggregator idea for the hackathon :muscle:


This project SUGGESTIONS will go massive

CRYPTO Vs Football betting project will be Massively appreciated


Hahahahaha bet responsibly brother

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I don’t bet of any form
Even gambling of any form
I don’t

My Risk tolerance don’t carry


Good one brother
Stay safe

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Amount received from @constantinpricope201, thank you my director and also thank you to anyone that made it possible for me to win this.

I never really knew there was a reward for this. I was caught by surprise.
Eventhough my idea cant be implemented now, i know and think with time, it will be possible.

Thank you all


i am a developer and i work on nft designs. I am also confident about software. I just have little problems with creativity :smiling_face_with_tear:

Si necesitas algo de creatividad, puedes ponerte en contacto conmigo soy diseñador Ux, además cuando tengo tiempo suelo pintar.

@rod1232313 I am still waiting for your TRX address…

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Received, thank you very much