What laptop is best for computer science students? What should one look for in its specs?

It’s been a long time…
My cousin is an incoming BS Computer Science student. He’s been nagging a lot of people(me including) about what laptop he should ‘invest on’. What do you recommend?


When I didn’t have a lot of money I would always go for a refurbished laptop because the specs will always be better for the price. Plus they usually give me a 1-2 year warranty anyways.

Since he is in computer science he should know or research the hardware of a laptop and that of a computer. I’d highly recommend he eventually build one as it’s a good crash course knowing the hardware and software side.

Something like this

CPU: Intel i7 11800H or AMD Ryzen 5000
Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 or similar.
Memory: 8 gigs to 16 gigs
Harddrive: SSD will be faster for an OS but more expensive and less room but I like it.


I agree with the above comment from @WindsOfChange92, even though laptops are great for travelling around with unless you get a higher end laptop you will end up wanting something better or to upgrade it some how which is very limited to what you can do.

A computer is always the better option i’d say for 2 main reasons,

  1. Computers can be upgraded with ease when needed
  2. A decent mobile phone can do almost as much a laptop nowadays and you cant get more portable then that.

Any core i7 would be good


When you’re talking of a very good laptop for programming and the likes, MacBook is the best for those.
But if there’s no much money to get that, HP / DELL and others with icore 7, 8GB RAM, SSD ROM, minimum processor 2.5GHZ.


Laptop is base on money at hand… just purchase a branded company own incase of upgrade Corei7 and 4gb RAM at least 500mb ROM

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Well it’s nice tho since it’s up to ur standard


Any pc with a core i7, 1 terabyte storage and 12gb of ram should suffice for the need.


You are right, at the end, it all boils down to how much one is having.

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Core !6 is manageable to be honest

A core i7 hp elitebook should be good

I agree with the specs but would go with 16-32 GB of RAM. The more the better, it’s for running Virtual Machines, VMWare - Virtual Box.