What method is best in identifying scam projects in the crypto space?

We’ve always heard about scam projects and rugpulls, so i think it’s time we come together to talk about ways and methods we can tackle issue like this.


Hola, me parece bien abordar este tema, ya que cada día se presentan problemas de esta índole.


Once you notice a project promises way too much in the shortest period then know its a scam


Hoy en día seguimos presentando esos mismos problemas de estafas y mira que se hacen comunicados a las personas que empiezan en el mundo de las criptomonedas y aún así se dejan llevar por los altos número de ganancias. Yo pienso que hasta que las personas no logren una cultura crypto donde cada día estudien y se preparen veremos menos casos de estafas, así llegará una adopción masiva :pray::muscle::100:


@Nwachukwu042 well in my opinion I think the best way would be to thoroughly scrutinize project owners,run some background checks…check out the potential of their projects and it’s limitations… :raised_hands:

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But you know there are some site that pays researchers to say bad about a project

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I have being looking for a way to identify scam project from a while.

Glad I read this, thanks guys your the best

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@Zara I know that the are really trying their best to make things work