What’s your take on CBDC?

Governments pushing hard on Central Bank Digital Currency.

Per this news, FED will launch digital payment system in July.

Are these CBDCs going to strengthen the #cryptocurrency ecosystem?



CBDCs as it’s meant to be
Are not crypto like Bitcoin and some altcoin
which are decentralized and not backed by a central authority.

While the
CBDCs are meant to be centralized or controlled
by the central bank,
which may issue and regulate the currency,
set the rules for its use,
and control the supply.

I feel the regulation in CBDC

Good topic let me drive on

Okay is it good or bad to #crypto?

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Well if CBDC bad or good for CRYPTO ?

Typically depends on the stalkholder involved

In my view
It’s bad for CRYPTO.


I will say this:-

Since CBDCs are designed to be centralized and controlled by governments.

This in make them less decentralized than crypto.

This could lead to people losing interest in crypto.

Some school of thought might love it centralised

I feel so

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So in this case, they are creating the digital currency we are advertising but theirs will be centralized.

First point in favor of the government: if you are using crypto because it is digital now we have created one for you, stop using crypto and use ours.

Point against them: most of us are using crypto because of decentralization but CBDC will be centralized

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Exactly the are creating centralized digital currency.

Me Im with crypto Also for its DECENTRALIZED FORM

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I don’t they want to kill crypto which is not possible.

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The CBDC as it stands
Claims they are backed by governments,
making them more stable
With less volatile than crypto

Now the question is
Should we believe in government?

Do the have good plans for us?

Why the now interested in digital currency?

Hahahaha, we wait for them

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La moneda digital, lanzada por el banco central no tiene otra misión que el control absoluto de todas las personas, hace mucho tiempo que esta moneda está esperando ser lanzada como esclavitud de la humanidad, y ahora han encontrado el momento adecuado.
Aunque lo que te describo parece algo raro, revisa historia, los personajes desde siglos que manejan todo y muchos temas fiables de economía y finanzas y verás lo que aquí escribo.


Hmmmm you are right brother.
See how the FED was fast in saving the collapsed banks, portraying to be good. Now they are printing more dollars and this will devalue the the dollar. They are about to introduce this CBDC just to take control as you said

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I have never liked or encourage anything concerning centralization, am out

Let’s go decentralization.


Hahaha you are saying you are out….
Do you have a day if your government start minting some e-naira



You this man
E-naira was a joke to me

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Hahahaha Ghana did piloting but never heard about it again. I know by the now the World leaders are pumping money to the governments to start. Politicians and money they will do it quick :joy:

All money donated for that project
Like like burning Token to a black list wallet…

It’s gone.


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Oooh gone long time :joy::joy:

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Those are same set of our government that seek for CBDC

Hope the know they don’t mean good for crypto

Could it be possible for
CBDCs to create competition for crypto by driving innovation and development in the industry???

Oh they have nothing to offer, what they don’t understand is why is there a currency and no one is controlling it. They don’t want it that way. They always want to control people like @antonio said

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Yes @antonio said it all correct.

During the days I had conversations with someone about the government banning crypto in some part of the world,. And seeking for crypto regulations.

He said.


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