Why is the energy for staking so absurdly expensive?

They raised, and even overnight, the cost of fees, what yesterday cost me in Tron $17 now costs me $25, the energy for staking that used to cost me $500 for 151k energy now to have that 151k energy, I have to lock 1500k in TRX and yet I only get 141k. What happened to the vision that Tron would be a deflationary blockchain? Was this done by vote or what is the reason?


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Sorry for your experience but over the years, Tron has received a lot of proposals that help channel the blockchain to the path of success it is now. Eg sometime ago, there was a proposal to increase the amount of TRX needed to be frozen to obtain free energy. If you have not noticed yet, the amount of free bandwidth has also been reduced to 600 each day. And for the dollar value of the amount of TRX you have to stake to obtain free energy, it can be attributed to the price increase of TRX. Nothing has changed. It used to cost you $500 when TRX cost less to the price it is now but due to the price increase of TRX, it now cost you $1500. This is to show you that the coin has been recording a price growth


I’m so new to the tron energy resources. I can’t say much.

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Eagerly reading through the comments to get clear insights to Tron Energy Staking.

Look at the price of energy on the Nile network for staking and compare it with the Nile. Besides, within a day, it can’t be that the fees rise so abruptly. What about the projects that can’t inject energy into their contracts?

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I agree with you mate. Even though prices had to be increased, they should’ve announced it before or they should’ve done it slowly. Otherwise, many people’s and developer’s plans may be damaged due to high changes in short time. I hope admins explain and help more

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We should as a community take action because all I hear is that it’s for improvement or the good of the network, but it’s quite the opposite; it greatly affects the community and developers.

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Okay maybe @fabsltsa @Sirluke @constantinpricope201 and @EMerchant may have something to say on this

Could this response be of help to the question you asked?


Maybe this could help answering your question


The last time the fees have been adjusted is over one year ago, in Dec 22 and Feb 23. Of course if you think in $ the fees depend on TRX price, that has grown over 100% during last year. The other factor is the energy obtainable for every TRX staked. Since energy is finite, if staking % increases, the energy per TRX decreases. That’s how it goes and that’s why the energy rental market is ad established business. Personally I think that the fees are too high, but only the SRs can change this.

Regarding TRON not being deflationary, you are wrong. High fees require higher TRX burn rate and higher deflation. During the last year over 3B TRX have been burned.


I find NRG the cheapest energy provider…:+1:

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