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Can you guys give me an advice, I’m a newbie freelancer and I’ve been searching and applying for several months now but I still can’t find a client. I only have executive assistant and data entry specialist experience but can also do canva editing and social media management. Do you have any advice or suggestions? :cry:


Don’t worry about getting a part/full-time job as a freelancer. I am also a freelancer and joined Upwork and Freelancer (a freelancing website) in January 2022 and now I’ve gotten a few jobs that are all about Data Typing. First, you need to choose a freelancer website that is trustworthy and then find a client who has “payment verified” and “has spent money on their workers”. And then comes your proposal for a certain job. Try to explain more about yourself and the work you have done in the past, and explain about the project that you are sending proposal too (like why are you better than others, why you should be choosen and what do you understand about the certain project). For now try these and hopefully you’ll get a job.


I’ve been sending a lot of proposals too on Upwork but still can’t land a job. I know it will take time for me to get a client. And as of this moment, being a freelancer is a risk and a big decision. There are a lot of freelancers that are better than me.


Just work day and night. Don’t copy and be creative. :slight_smile:

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Work hard and smart and be consistent