XMutant by Team Lampros Labs DAO - Unlocking the Potential of Generative Art through Innovation!

We will update the website images in the next few days!

And, we will launch the website in the next week.


Thank you for your reply to me, please I want you to tell me more about your community engagement initiatives, thank you

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It’s wonderful to learn about XMutant’s creative approach to governance, particularly it’s tokenomics-based system that stresses inclusivity and sustainability.
The ability for stakeholders to earn governance tokens through participation and contributions demonstrates a commitment to democratizing decision-making on the platform.
As you continue to improve the governance model, you must evaluate how to balance the voting rights of various stakeholders to ensure equitable representation. Have you identified any precise criteria or KPIs for allocating governance tokens to artists, collectors, and other participants?


Currently, our primary focus for the XMutant project is on the development of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), which is the first version of our platform. This phase is crucial as it allows us to establish the core functionalities that will support generative art creation, showcasing, and trading.

While community engagement is fundamental to the success of XMutant, detailed initiatives for this will be designed and implemented after we have a working MVP. This means that during this hackathon, our efforts are concentrated on building and testing the technical infrastructure of the platform.

Once the MVP is successfully developed and we move into the next phases of the project, we will shift our focus towards robust community engagement. This will include:

  • Feedback Channels: Setting up direct communication channels to gather feedback from users, which will help us improve the platform.
  • Educational Programs: Providing resources and workshops to help artists and collectors understand the platform and the broader NFT landscape.
  • Community Events: Hosting events such as virtual galleries and artist showcases to foster interaction and creativity within the community.
  • Collaborative Projects: Encouraging collaborations within the community to enhance collective creativity and engagement.

These initiatives are intended to ensure that XMutant is a community-driven platform, but the detailed planning and implementation will take place post-hackathon, as we continue to develop and refine the platform based on initial user feedback and technological stability.

Thank you for acknowledging our efforts in developing an inclusive governance model for XMutant.

We are indeed focused on ensuring that all stakeholders - artists, collectors, and other participants - have equitable representation in the decision-making process.

While our criteria for distributing governance tokens are not finalized and will continue to evolve, here are a few tentative KPIs we’re considering:

  • Volume of Interaction: Tokens could be allocated based on the frequency and volume of interactions on the platform, such as buying, selling, and participating in community activities.
  • Artistic Contribution: Artists who actively contribute new artworks and engage with the community might receive tokens as a reward for adding value to the XMutant ecosystem.
  • Community Engagement: Active participation in governance votes, forums, and feedback mechanisms could also be rewarded with governance tokens, encouraging a vibrant community dialogue.
  • Longevity and Loyalty: Tokens might be allocated based on the duration of active participation on the platform, rewarding long-term stakeholders who contribute to the platform’s sustainability.
  • Quality of Contributions: For both artists and collectors, the quality of contributions - whether through high-quality art submissions or curated collections - might also be a factor in token distribution.

These KPIs are intended to promote a balanced and fair allocation of governance rights, fostering a community where everyone’s voice can be heard. We are committed to refining these criteria based on feedback and insights from the community as we develop the platform further. This ensures that our governance model remains dynamic and aligned with the evolving needs of the XMutant community.


Good luck in Season 6. Can I ask how you differ from your competitors in the market?

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It’s impressive to see how thoughtfully XMutant approached developing the criteria for awarding governance tokens. The use of numerous KPIs, such as volume of interaction, artistic contribution, community involvement, duration and loyalty, and contribution quality, demonstrates a dedication to ensuring equitable representation and encouraging meaningful participation in the community.

As you adjust these criteria, it is critical to preserve transparency and clarity in the token distribution process. How will XMutant convey the process for token allocation to stakeholders? Will there be regular updates or reports on the token distribution to maintain openness and accountability?

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Super excited about XMutant’s launch on TRON!

It’s empowering artists with a user-friendly platform, offering a dynamic marketplace for collectors, and embracing inclusivity and innovation by minting NFTs beyond generative art. Plus, their focus on sustainability and scalability ensures a bright future for TRON’s creative community.

Cheers to XMutant for pushing boundaries and enriching the TRON ecosystem. Welcome to S6!

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I thank you for your long reply to me, I will like to know will you educate your users how to make the most out of your platform, thank you

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Thanks for your response I sincerely appreciate.

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Thank you for the good wishes for Season 6!

Our platform is fundamentally a generative art marketplace, which sets us apart from broader digital asset marketplaces. Unlike platforms that primarily facilitate the buying and selling of a wide range of NFTs, including one-off art pieces, collectibles, and more, our focus is specifically on generative art.

This focus allows us to cater uniquely to artists and collectors who are passionate about this art form, which is created through a process where art is programmatically generated by a computer using algorithms. Our platform not only enables the purchase and sale of these unique artworks but also provides artists with the tools to create and mint generative art directly on the marketplace.


Thank you for acknowledging the depth of our approach to governance token distribution at XMutant.

We are committed to ensuring that our token allocation process is as transparent and equitable as possible, reflecting our community’s diverse contributions and interactions.

The allocation will indeed be based on a point system, where various activities such as artistic contribution, community involvement, and other key performance indicators will be quantitatively assessed. This ensures that our token distribution is clear and directly correlated to measurable engagement and contributions.

However, as mentioned earlier, we are still in the process of finalizing the specifics of these criteria. Our goal is to establish a robust framework that can adapt to our community’s evolving needs and contributions. The detailed plan for token allocation will be decided and thoroughly communicated once we have completed our initial milestones.

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Thank you so much for your kind words! :smiley:

Educating our users is a top priority. We plan to offer a range of resources including tutorials, workshops, and community support forums to help both artists and collectors make the most of our platform.

These resources will be designed to enhance understanding and usage of our features, ensuring that our users can fully engage with and benefit from the unique possibilities of generative art.

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Most welcome! :smiley:

Please let us know if you have any other questions!

It’s great to see a project bringing up Generative Art and promoting it on TRON!

Welcome and All the best for the hackathon S6!

Superb project! With the Potential of Generative Art the Tron community is set to thrive through. Welcome to Hackathon S6! Wishing you all the best!

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Hello XMutant team, thank you for submitting your idea and for detailing your milestones!

Would you please help to provide more data / evidence as per your completed milestones? Several ones should be already completed but community is not able to see progress or a demo on how have you achieved such goals.

Thank you in advance! Keep on building on TRON/BTTC :slight_smile:


It’s inspiring to see Team Lampros Labs DAO join forces with Hackathon S6 to bring potential of generative art to life! Here’s to fostering growth and innovation within the Tron community.
Good luck on this exciting project!

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Thabk you for answering this. Can you explain the specific mechanisms you have in place to promote this collaboration and community engagement among artists, collectors, and enthusiasts within the NFT marketplace?