XMutant by Team Lampros Labs DAO - Unlocking the Potential of Generative Art through Innovation!

Best wishes to XMutant in building a robust and scalable NFT marketplace. May your efforts inspire new connections and opportunities within the art community!"

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Welcome to this hackathon season 6. I have really learned a lot from your post and from the comment section but I have this one question for you.

How do you plan to support artists in generating sustainable income from their creations. Will it be through features like royalties or secondary market sales?

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Thank you for highlighting the importance of educational accessibility. We recognize the need to cater to our global community, including those who do not speak English. Currently, we are exploring various options to provide multilingual support on our platform. This may include translating our educational materials and offering resources in multiple languages.

However, a concrete plan for implementing these features is still being developed. We aim to create an inclusive environment where everyone, regardless of language, can benefit from our educational offerings.

Thank you so much @log_X for your wishes! :smiley:

Thank you so much @ps1211 for your wishes! :smiley:

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This seems like a very promising project for creating and showcasing generative art.

I’m particularly excited about its dynamic curation tools, which elevate awareness and appreciation for generative art on a global scale.

Kudos to XMutant for pushing boundaries and enriching the TRON ecosystem!

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I see you got it all planned out with all this laid down strategies but we’ll see how this fares as Hackathon progresses, goodluck on everything.

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Welcome Lampros Labs DAO in season 6. Nice to see a project on Generative Art!
Best of luck to you for Season 6!

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Thank you so much @milesapart for your wishes! :smiley:

Thank you so much for your welcome! :smiley:

Supporting artists in generating sustainable income from their creations is a key priority for XMutant. We plan to implement several features to ensure artists can benefit financially on a long-term basis -

  • Royalties: Artists will earn royalties from secondary sales of their NFTs. This means that every time an NFT is sold to a new owner, the original artist receives a percentage of the sale price, creating a continuous revenue stream.

  • Secondary Market Sales: Our platform will facilitate a robust secondary market where artists can sell their works directly to collectors. This not only helps in immediate monetization but also enhances the value of their art over time as the demand increases.

We are still refining the exact details of these features and exploring additional mechanisms, such as special editions and licensing opportunities, to further support our artists financially. Our goal is to create a vibrant marketplace where artists are rewarded fairly for their creativity and innovation. Stay tuned for more updates as we progress in our project development.

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Thank you so much @tanishiX for your appreciation! :smiley:

I like how you explain it to me in your reply, I do not know if you will need French translation because I think that I may be of help, thank you

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Great idea !! Best of luck lampros labs dao team :+1:t2:

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Thank you so much @manfred_jr for your wishes! :smiley:

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Thank you so much @C4H10O for your wishes! :smiley:

BTTC definitely needs activity and what better than NFT Marketplace.

It’s basic but generative art is necesito!

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You’re welcome @manfred_jr! :smiley:

Thanks for offering to help with French translation, we’ll keep that in mind if we need one in future!

Hey everyone!

If you haven’t had a chance to check out our Devpost submission and demo video for the XMutant project, we’ve attached the link to the submission and video in this message. The Devpost submission provides a detailed overview of the project, and the demo video offers a visual walkthrough of the platform’s features.

We would greatly appreciate it if you could take a moment to review our submission and provide feedback. Your insights and suggestions will be invaluable as we continue to refine and improve the XMutant platform.

Please find the links over here -

XMutant Platform.

XMutant Devpost Submission.

XMutant Demo.

We value your input and look forward to hearing your thoughts on our project. Your feedback will help us enhance the user experience and ensure that XMutant remains at the forefront of the generative art NFT space.

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Would sure check that out, updates like this is testament of the level of work that goes into your project and your work ethic is quite commendable, keep up the good work.

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Congratulations to Lampros Labs DAO on launching XMutant! Your innovative approach to generative art is truly inspiring. Welcome to Season 6, where your creativity knows no bounds! #ArtRevolution

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