XMutant by Team Lampros Labs DAO - Unlocking the Potential of Generative Art through Innovation!

Thank you for your detailed explanation. Your commitment to supporting artists and ensuring they receive fair compensation for their work is impressive. I am looking forward to seeing how these initiatives unfold and how it will benefit the creative community. Keep up the fantastic work.

A merge of Generative art with NFTs, cool!
Great idea.

Great project on NFTs and a creative platform for generative Art

Excited to see XMutant in action! Wishing you all the best for Hackathon Season 6 and beyond. Keep innovating and pushing the limits!

Thank you so much @jenny-shah for your wishes! :smiley:

Absolutely! :smiley:

BTTC’s ecosystem could greatly benefit from an NFT marketplace, and our focus on generative art provides a unique and necessary addition to attract creators and collectors alike.

Thank you so much @manfred_jr for your appreciation! :smiley:

It means a lot to us!

We’re dedicated to this project and want our community to remain updated on every piece of information!

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Thank you so much @p612 for your kind words! :smiley:

We’re trying our best to bring generative art to the main stage so that many users become aware of it and start using it!

Thank you for replying to me I will be really happy when you get back to me in the future about the French translation

will get one after the launch this project ?