ZkTickets - An event ticketing protocol using ZKP

Thanks for noticing, it’s the weekend once again and the alcohol is making my vision blurry once again.

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Personal opinion:
A ticket shouldn’t not be purchased with the goal of selling it at a higher price later. Otherwise some experts will purchase hundreds of tickets for every important events to make big gains on it. If I was an artist I wouldn’t like to know that some people are taking my fans money to make quick gains. I would like to make sure fans are paying the fair price.

I think you could build ticket marketplaces for all the events organisations so it would be official resell marketplaces where people are sure they can buy a ticket at a fair price that is not counterfeit and those who have a last minute impediment could have a chance to get their cash back while making someone happy.

You could charge the organisations a price to build their marketplaces and a monthly or yearly fee to keep it running.


Thats a very nice input. I love this

Welcome in S4, nice project scope. All the best :slight_smile: