Zombieland 🧟 By Team Zombie - Survival Web3 Game v4

What new features did you guys bring this season? Could you summarize plz?

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Gradually increasing the difficulty level of game tasks seems like a well-thought-out strategy for keeping players engaged and motivated as they progress.

How do you keep the difficulty curve balanced so that it provides a rewarding challenge without becoming overwhelming for players?


Please I want you to tell me, how do you calculate influencer success and the resulting effect on your marketing efforts, thank you


This season u guys definitely need to add FINAL BOSS, it would be way and way better. and is website ready? can I test it already?

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Welcome to hackatron season 6, keep building

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hey not trying to invade but our marketplace is available to trade your game asset ( rooni.art )

send me a message i will get you whitelisted on the website

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Hello Zombieland team! I tried your V3 version (latest online) and liked the concept, I have some suggestions and questions I’d like your team to address:

  1. I liked the Arcade-like system to buy coins and upgrade guns and stuff, simplicity is great!
  2. I would recommend to add city maps to increase difficulty and excitement for users (something like Resident Evil). Current gameplay is kind of predictable and easy to earn coins (which might get you into your smart contract balance to empty pretty soon)
  3. In order to be able to compare different versions it would be great if you can publish all versions online for admins and judges to get a better idea on how you improved from previous versions, or at least a demo video on what changed in the gameplay and smartcontracts functions, etc.
  4. Please add dates in your milestones phases and sub activities so judges and admins have a better idea on progress, failing to do so might affect your final score as it is not clear what to evaluate.
  5. I’m excited to test V4 as it promises improvements in gameplay :slight_smile:
  6. How do you plan to market your game to increase user base? Tournaments and referrals would be a great incentive for users.

Thank you for keep building on BTTC!

  1. It’s a great decision to turn it into an Android app. I see brand new features for the new season, congratulations to your team. Also do you have plans for iOS?

  2. How did you activate the multiplayer mode? Which servers do you run it on and does this mod work smoothly?

  3. The sword-throwing zombie and the new in-game power features are very cute. More variety is often good. Thank you

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add dates to milestones’ plese,
and you guys finished all milestones in previous seasons?

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Our next goal is to expand our platform by launching on the Tron network. Currently, we are only available on the BTT network, but we aim to introduce more gaming side features to enhance the overall user experience. Stay tuned for exciting updates!

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Introducing Player Power Up System with various features such as Invisible Power, Speedup Power, and Freeze Zombies. Also includes new zombies, power for zombies, Daily Reward System, and launch of v4 on Android with bug fixes and performance improvements.

Careful gameplay testing and player feedback are key to maintaining a balanced difficulty curve, ensuring a rewarding challenge without overwhelming players.

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Thank and yes website is ready and you can also try on mobile now.

Sure, we will check out and I’ll convey msg to my team and we will connect with you soon. thanks for support

Dear @SimbadMarino
Thank you so in depth analysis and gameplay. We have made v4 live with all the milestone changes including new mobile version on android. And really wonderful suggestions you have shared and we will sure implement it in upcoming version. And for marketing in userbase we should consider referrals as tournament mechanism is still not developed for players but we should consider in upcoming version.

Thanks again for the support and feedback. :zombie: :man_zombie:

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Thanks @Vdouglas.
Yes we are planning to launch on ios too but due to some apple platform policy we are facing some issues but we will surely launch on it. Currently we are using shared server in backend to save cost but in future we will upgrade once we increate playerbase.
and thanks for your interest and support for this game. :zombie: :man_zombie: :zombie:

Yes completed all milestones in previous hackathon and also updated current post.

Thanks for the support and kind words :zombie: :man_zombie:

Thank you for the update! Would you please provide online versions for both the v3 and v4 do we can compare better both versions? Thank you in advance!

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