Are you on threads?

All is in the title. Are you on Threads?

Let’s follow each others boys and girls.

Here is my username @fabs_ltsa :clinking_glasses:


Best strategy right now is to just mass follow everyone. :laughing:


I know of thread
But I haven’t signed up yet.
Trust you having lovely
Threading experience there?


Yes, my handle is @youngyuppie22 though I’ve not been that active on Thread. And again, we can follow each other on Bluesky my handle is @youngyuppie


Followed :handshake:
Let’s grow the community over there

I am not yet on threads i feel the linking of instagram accounts just made me discouraged.

If i delete my thread’s account i loose my instagram account too.


Ive made a new Instagram in 1 minute and linked Threads to it. If I delete then I still keep my original IG account.


Already following you

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This is a good idea. I’ll do this.


The interface was very confusing to me, I will add you as I set it up.


Plenty of room for them to grow the product. Waiting for desktop version, draft,…

And that strategy always works as all those you follow will try and reciprocate that kind gesture by following back. hahaha

what benefits does threads have over twitter. yet to join and see what it has to offer. hope you will be around to guide me :grinning:


Lols, I just saw thread trending.
Till today … I don’t open it.
I’m not done with twitter and Tron Dao forum.

I’m not hating of Thread app tho.
But it not just for me

lol, but its always good to get in early as u might stand a better chance to get followers and when thread becomes the new twitter, you can leverage on your followers to become a paid promoter.

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Very important point you raised there.

That’s a good point. Getting in early on a new social media platform can give you a big advantage.

You’ll be one of the first people that people see when they sign up, and you’ll have a chance to build a large following before the platform gets too crowded.

If Threads does become the next Twitter, then you’ll be in a great position to leverage your followers to become a paid promoter.

But there’s no guarantee that Threads will become the next Twitter. But if you’re willing to take a risk, then it could be a very rewarding one.

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those who joined the tiktok train very early are now enjoying, if you go in now be prepared to suffer. you wont get attention, and those OGs will never follow you too.

its sad out there for newbies

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This is true.
Is like joining the crypto space in bullrun when the OG have taken profit.

Can be frustrating to build up then

There is no difference Imo… Those who think that Elon is becoming a bully (which i have partially started to believe he is) switched to thread to escape being bullied :pensive: :thinking:

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Yet to download and see how it does. Does it work like twitter or tiktok??