Auto Saving on Poloniex Updated

As a $TRX holder, as well as a user of the Poloniex exchange, I am very interested in staking/saving products to maximize profits earned.

With old saving mode: users no need to lock $TRX, just hold in spot account and reward will be calculated and distributed every 2 weeks with APY same with APY vote on TRONSCAN

But in new Saving mode
Tier Rate was applied

If I hold over 15000 $TRX, only 1% APY for reward if I saving? It’s a very small number
And I dont want to move my $TRX to Tronlink wallet (or any other wallet ) to vote onchain because I’m more familiar with CEX, saving/staking on CEX than use defi service

Everyone please discuss this issue!

So is there a way for Poloniex team to fix their new saving mode back to the way it was?


Why you do prefer Cex.
Be your own bank sis.
Remember Not Your Keys
Not Your Crypto


I do feel that her own preferred choice.

Maybe we share with here… The Dex for Tron staking we know… Then she makes her decision.


thanks <3 this is a very good advise!

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I trust Tronlink and Justmoney more than any CEX out there.

I trade my tokens on the website and the $JM token is UP OVER +80% in the last few weeks. Still not many people are using it. The more $JM you hold the less fee you’ll pay.

CEXs have not listed it yet because they probably see a possible treath. But decentralization will happen anyway.

Remember not your keys not your crypto. JustMoney is leading the way and in my honest opinion it is the most significant and sollid project on Tron right now.

The future looks bright for Tron and JM!
Go check it out!

Btw I think the 1% reward only applies to every TRX above 15k TRX.

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