Building up tron awareness together

Happy Sunday, Tron Dao community!

I hope you’re all having a great weekend.
Here is how users can help support Tron blockchain online:

To start with:-
Tron is a decentralized blockchain-based operating system that aims to create a truly decentralized internet.
There are many ways that users can help support the Tron blockchain online.

1. Buy TRX tokens.
The most basic way to support Tron is to buy TRX tokens. TRX tokens are used to pay for transactions on the Tron network, and they can also be staked to earn rewards. By buying TRX tokens, you are helping to support the growth of the Tron ecosystem.

2. Use Tron dApps.
Tron dApps are decentralized applications that run on the Tron blockchain. There are a wide variety of Tron dApps available, including games, social media platforms, and decentralized exchanges. By using Tron dApps, you are helping to increase the adoption of the Tron blockchain.

3. Promote Tron.
One of the best ways to support Tron is to promote it to others. Tell your friends and family about Tron, and help them to understand the benefits of the platform. You can also write articles or blog posts about Tron, or share information about it on social media.

4. Be a part of the community.
The Tron community is a vibrant and welcoming community. By being a part of the community, you can help to spread the word about Tron, and you can also learn more about the platform. There are many ways to be a part of the Tron community, such as joining the Tron telegram, twitter Tron forum, following Tron on social media, or attending Tron events.

Please for Tron fams from Africa, do well to join our
Community Telegram: Contact @tronicsafrica
Let’s grow together.

Thank you for your support of Tron!

Together we sTRONger


Thank you

Hope we get some good number of dedicated individuals. I will do my best


Thank you @Gordian for sharing this tips.
We will grow sTRONger.


Thank you for spreading the awareness
Together we can :handshake::muscle:


The TronDao forum is a great resource for Tron users of all levels, but it can be especially helpful for newbies. Not just for Project builders.

OGs have a wealth of knowledge and experience that they can share with others, and they can also help to mentor and guide new users as they learn about Tron.

By sharing our experiences and knowledge, we can help each other to learn and grow. We can also use the forum to discuss ideas, collaborate on projects, and build relationships.

I encourage all Tron users to join the TronDao forum and get involved. Let’s make it our second home aside from
#X app.

  • Answer questions. There are many questions that newbies have about Tron, and OGs can help to answer them. This can be done by posting in the forum, or by offering private help to those who need it.

  • Share knowledge. OGs have a wealth of knowledge about Tron, and they can share this knowledge with others. This can be done by posting articles, tutorials, and other resources on the forum. I give shout-out to those of us doing

  • Mentor newbies. OGs can mentor newbies by providing them with guidance and support. This can be done by answering questions, offering advice, and helping newbies to get involved in the Tron community.

I believe that by working together, we can make the TronDao forum a valuable resource for all Tron users. Let’s make it happen!

Together we sTRONger


Most newbies are not ready to learn. They just want to jump in first, feel the heat, go around badmouthing Crypto before they finally decide to learn.

That cycle is very funny. I always say it is advisable to learn in bear market, cos in the bull, we RUN. No time to babysit

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they are eager to buy in bull market too :joy::joy::joy:

when they see it us flying :joy:

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one guy said, now i dont hear this crypto things again. is it still working,i said yes its still wroking, and i also told him now is the best time time to learn and invest whiles we await the bulls.

he said he doesnt have time now, so when we reach bull market i should alert him. As if i am a fulani herdsman incharge of bulls


:joy::joy::joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: he wants to buy at top and blame you later


forget him, when we reach crab market sef i wont tell him

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Very correct newbies…not ready learn.
Some factors I could say:-.
Lack of time,
Quick rich mindset,
Poverty level or Extra income,

It difficult tho

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Please avoid that investor, so that you have peace of mind.
Let nobody buy at top, and later kill you complain and
Premium tears.

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I dont even have their time, if you dont want to learn now, dont cone and give me headache when i am busy in bull market.


Lols, you just said it all.
In the bullrun market, one needs no distractions


Everybody wants soft bread :sandwich::bread: and butter :butter: ( mana from heaven)


Not knowing they will be getting stones and shit. Nothing good comes through laziness. :sunglasses::rofl:


Exactly nothing good comes easy

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For those interested in the African Tron community, there’s an invitation to join the Tronics Africa Community Telegram group.