Centiiv: Connecting Africa to the Global Market Through Blockchain

Project Name: Centiiv

Project Website:https://centiiv.com/

Project Track: DeFi, Web3, Fintech


About Centiiv
Centiiv is a project with the lofty aim of connecting Africa to the rest of the world through blockchain. In order to achieve this aim, Centiiv has developed a utility token to power an ecosystem of technologically driven solutions in different sectors of Africa’s economy. The use cases of Centiiv are built to satisfy the everyday life of Africans. The actualisation of Centiiv roadmap will help solve major problems facing Africa around commerce, transportation and logistics, financial technology (Fintech) and Technological incubation. Sectors such as eCommerce, fintech, entertainment, mobility/logistics and so on are areas in which people interact with on daily basis which is why Centiiv’s ecosystem is being built around them as we believe that with the integration of the blockchain technology, Africans will get to access opportunities in various ways.
The Centiiv ($CNT) token is the unique currency which will be powering the activities within the ecosystem both directly and indirectly. Centiiv is a multi-chain project which is being built on different Blockchain networks including Tron, BSC, Celo, and Polygon.

Project Milestone: Centiiv Pay

Centiiv Pay is a P2P Payment system built on the Blockchain to facilitate cross-border payments in Africa. With Centiiv Pay, users can seamlessly and swiftly make cross-border remittances. We are on a mission to revolutionize payments in Africa. Our solution is built to enable Africans maximise the use of blockchain beyond the scope of cryptocurrency.

Centiiv Pay https://centiivpay.com/

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I loved the app design, is this like paypal of blockchain ?

  1. My understanding is people will pay Fiat in order to onboard into Crypto with your app, p2p?
  2. How will you attract African users? (Marketing plan)?
  3. How will you educate African users about crypto?
  4. What is the Utility of the Centiiv token? Also the Tokenomics?

Thank you!
We have the best minds teamed up for this project.

Exactly what it is… Cross-border Payments being facilitated on the Blockchain

  1. The app is being built to facilitate cross-border payments in Africa. This means that, if you want to make payment of fiat to someone in another country, it can be done via the P2P section of the platform. Simply put, someone who needs crypto is getting your remittance done on your behalf in return for the equivalent of the amount sent in crypto. The escrow system is there to make the transactions secure.

  2. Our marketing plan is based on event marketing, inbound/digital marketing, outdoor marketing such as billboard and referral programs. At the moment, we have over 6000 entries of people who are in our waitlist anticipating the product launch

  3. We intend to educate African users by organising campus outreaches, online sessions on crypto/blockchain education. Furthermore, we just launched an initiative called “Techrookie by Centiiv”. The goal is to help people transition into the tech space by organising tech related trainings with crypto education being part of the courses we would be teaching.

  4. Centiiv Token can be used to pay transaction fees, staked and used to make utility payments. The $CNT token has 100million total supply. Kindly visit www.centiiv.com to learn more about the tokenomics


Hi @Centiiv
Your app design looks clean and intuitive.
Can you list out the milestones of your project so the community knows when to expect what?

Can you list some of your potential competitors from the traditional non-blockchain market?
How will you overcome the competition you may get from these competitors?


Thank you.

Partnership with Thresh0ld (Done)
Partnership with GetMati (Done)
Registration in Nigeria (Done)
Token Audit (Done)
Token Seed Sale (March 18th via Pinksale)
Launch for Centiiv Pay V1 (April 2022)
Private Sale (May 2022)
Public Sale (July 2022)

Potential Competitors

  • Western Union
  • MoneyGram
  • TransferWise
  • Flutterwave

Our Competitive Advantages listed below give us an edge over the above competitors:

Firstly, our solution is decentralised which our competitors don’t have.

Secondly, the duration of Cross-border remittances on Centiiv Pay is 5-10 minutes. The conventional/competitions’ system takes 1-5 days

Thirdly, the average remittance fees our competitors charge is between $5-$45. Our business model is designed to charge less than a dollar on cross-border remittances.


How is this different from Bundle?


Our value proposition is geared towards making international payments easy especially for African merchants. Also, we have other amazing features such as payment of utility bills with crypto, crypto card, smart crypto loans, charity, investments and insurance feature.


everything on blockchain is a good thing


helpful information. Thank you and good luck :+1:t6:


I love this project! much luck to you guys. Africa is an untapped market.


Excellent option for cripto forms of future payments, including charity and investments.



Thank you.

Africans need to do more beyond the scope of cryptocurrency and our mission is t make that happen.


Offering all African citizens an alternative to centralized players with prohibitive transfer fees is a good initiative. Beyond the technical aspect, compliance is a real challenge. It will also be essential to keep a user-oriented approach to ensure a real and massive adoption.
Stay strong and motivated, all my best wishes


Thank you :pray:

We have started and we won’t stop till we achieve it.


Wow this is something Africans Would definitely Need with the Difficulties of sending money seamlessly…This is a major Project


A Project by Africans for Africans and the world…This is A Big one


As an early adopter of the brains behind the project, I can categorically say this projects will put Nigeria/Africa in the world map of giant fintech companies. Never settle for less


Wow. Amazing project can’t wait to invest.