ChickenWars - It's unfair that it's in 2 different categories


What is the point of splitting project into two and joining two different categories? @EMerchant, @StevenTRON in rules TRON basically says

Multiple Submissions
An Entrant may submit more than one Submission, however, each Submission must be unique and substantially different from each of the Entrant’s other Submissions, as determined by the Sponsor and Devpost in their sole discretion.

but in this case, neither Chicken Swap(defi) nor Chicken Gamefi works without each other.

we know that TRON does not provide any extra advantage or rule flexibility to any project, and we expect it to show the same care to this project, so as not to be unfair to other contestants.

there are not two different independent projects, but only one project. Please choose one of the 2 categories and do not treat them as different projects.

I am in forum almost more than 1 year. I’ve never seen something like this in previous seasons


Yes I agree with you mate, thanks for drawing attention. Splitting to two may bring more rewards anyway these projects are strictly interoperable and cannot be independent

Hope to see admins would make the necessary warnings →


Yes totally agree with you! The admins will surely look into this issue.


Hello, @Stounag8 I don’t know if You check previous answers.
Our projects are completely different projects made by 2x different teams.
I cannot find even 1 element that these two projects have in common or even a fragment of code.

I cannot look into Your profile - since is hidden. But I think You are new to crypto or didn’t read carefully what Our project is about, so let Me give You a summary of what Our projects are about:

ChickenWars - is a game made in Unity. Have a separate smart contract developed for GameFi (Here You cannot make swaps: :wink:)

ChickenSwap/Bot - this is a swap platform. So here You can make swaps using a dedicated Smart Contract (Here You cannot play a game :wink:)

I hope this is clear to You, if not let Me know - will try maybe to give You a more detailed description.

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It is understandable that there may be confusion when a project is split into two categories but is essentially one cohesive project that relies on both components to function effectively.
In this case, it seems that Chicken Swap (defi) and Chicken Gamefi are closely related and integral to each other.

In situations like this, it would be beneficial for the competition organizers to consider the unique circumstances of the project and potentially allow it to be considered as one entry in a single category, rather than splitting it into two separate entries. This would ensure fairness for all contestants and accurately reflect the true nature of the project.

It is important for the rules and guidelines of competitions to be flexible enough to accommodate innovative and unconventional projects, while still maintaining fairness and integrity.
By providing a credible and intelligent response to this issue, the competition organizers can demonstrate their commitment to supporting and recognizing the creativity and ingenuity of all participants.

Hey. So let Me try in this way: These are categories organized by HackaTRON:

  1. Defi
  2. Artistry
    We develop two separate projects. One goes to the DeFi category. Second to Artistry.
    SmartContrat is 100% different. The project code is 100% different. The dev team is 100% different for each project. The description of each project is 100% different.
    I hope this will explain to You the differences here. I hope @SimbadMarino can look into this topic to confirm :blush:

@Stounag8 , please elaborate on how these 2 projects are interdependent beyond both are related to $CCC token.
By looking at their website and project goal both have totally different market targets and different kind of users/community. One is a swap service and the other one is a game.

Creating two different projects under different categories by same team does not violate the hackathon rules, thank you for rising your concerns. We keep our communications open for discussion in case additional clarification is needed.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Thanks @SimbadMarino :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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hahahahaha you have created a whole post about this after all the explanations I gave oh oh oh.
all the same it is your opinion but I have seen a member from Trondao has replied and that clears everything. Thank you

do you use chatgpt?
how can a game and swap be together :joy: ingame swap or what?

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Mate be using chat gpt heavy. Wondering if he read between line or care to rewrite in simple terms