ChickenWars - TRON GameFi based on meme tokens

Hey! Our roadmap was posted here.

We are testing now the Ranked Deathmatch (VIP) Tournament. As soon all is done, We will release the smart contract and move all in the TRON mainnet.

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Hey @SimbadMarino @WindsOfChange92

We have just released a new build of ChickenWars (19.06.2024) with blockchain integration with an in-game wallet + a new map, + fixes and optimization around the game.

Weekly tournaments (VIP game access) are done too.

Build as always can be downloaded from here:

Here is a video with a detailed description:


Great news team! Keep up the great pace on updates and improvements to the game!
Looks great :slight_smile:


Hey @SimbadMarino

ChickenWars is on MainNet :innocent:

Here are last build updates:

New updates 27.06.2024
MainNet release of the game
Projectiles update
Game optimization
Ammo optimization
Added new sounds
Added reload feature&sounds
The general balance of game optimized


Congratulations team, keep building :clap:

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Congratulations on reaching the mainnet :handshake: keep building :muscle:

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Hello @Yannyxpl

You have received the Ecosystem Prize, I congratulate your team. Keep building


Congrats on your work and on receiving the Ecosystem Prize prize :confetti_ball: :confetti_ball:


That is so amazing. Thanks!

WoW that is nice surprise! Thanks a lot!

Congratulations team

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