Cukies: Rush & Run – Onboarding Web2 players to Web3 (by Cukies World team)

Welcome to this new hackathon, waiting to try your mini game.


We will more likely allow them to try the app without having a Cuki, but the short term goal is integrating a scholarship model inside the minigame app.

This way people coming from web2 will have to select a Cuki to use, that they will borrow from anyone holding a Cuki that is willing to lend his NFT, and both the player and the Cuki owner will be rewarded.


Gracias por la respuesta, esto facilitará la tarea de ambas partes y podrán tener un ingreso.
Me gusta la idea, la comunidad de Cukies estará contenta.


Welcome to Season 4, awaiting future updates.

Good Work. Keep Building

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I think it’s a good idea to test the game, so you can get scholarships for people who don’t want to make an initial investment.


Las becas es otro de los sistemas de ganancia que se implementará en Cukies, en principio era en el mundo de Cukies World, y ahora también en el apartado de los minijuegos.
Puedo decir que como poseedor de estos NFT me siento muy orgulloso de los beneficios que pueden aportar a todos.


Not only the cukies community, it’s going to benefit the entire community.


Exactly this: we will now give a whole new utility to Cukies! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Once Cukies: Rush & Run game is live people will be able to start using their Cukies in a completely different way, and they will realize about its potential, as this is just the beginning :desert_island:


Estoy seguro que esto solo es el empezar, siempre he tenido confianza en el proyecto y en el equipo Habéis demostrado transparencia, buen saber hacer.
Desde un principio se dejó claro que este juego daría mucho que hablar y perduraría en el tiempo.
Las bases sobre las que se está construyendo lo están confirmando.

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Please ooh, let me ask this… do you have your own token?

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Nice concept and i really love the part that really seeks to integrate a scholarship scheme.

In my personal opinions, i know scholarships schemes are introduced when the NFT in question is very scarce or very expensive. Where does cukies fall, is it scarce or very expensive.

Also when it comes to borrowing and lending, who determines the ratio of the profits to be shared, the cukie team or the owner of that particular NFT. And does the rareness of the cukies attribute have any effect on this ratio.

Can you breed cukies in the game like devikins, or all cukies can reproduce, u just have to buy a new one anytime you need one.

Thank you


En rpincipio se hablo de crear un contrato de becas con la proporción elegida por el propietario del Cukie, según rareza, experiencia del cukie, si es de primera generación, y más adelante si tiene alguna máscara que lo haga diferente.
En el juego precisas de una pareja de Cukies para poder criar con un máxima de 5 crias.
Para poder criarlos necesitarás fabricar un nido, poner el huevo y este deberá eclosionar y hacerlo grande, más tarde tendrás que darle habilidades.


That is nice, if i read right you will have to make a nest, does making the nest and hatching the egg has any fees attach to it??

And what token is used for the payment?? Thank you


En principio el incubar el huevo no se hablo de tarifa.
El token de juego es Uki.

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So unlike Devikins where you pay a fee for incubation, with cukies world it absolutely free.

What are the UKI tokens used; is it to reward players or it is used to buy in game items


Nice question!

There won’t be a specific token for Cukies: Rush & Run, but we will have a token, UKI, for the whole Cukies ecosystem.

This token is still to be released to the market, and we will likely run the game and get a pool from the advertising that will be used to burn the first tokens even before its TGE to prove our concept. :fire: :fire:

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Ok so at start what will you reward payers with?

Hey @Nana66419, thanks for your questions!

The ones about breeding and scholarship model probably fit better here:

There we present the whole concept about Cukies World and the business model, but I will answer them here anyway:

Scarcity and price are in my opinion 2 subjective concepts as it may depend on how each people feel. Anyway we are looking for a different niche for scholars, which is people from web2, which are not even aware of cryptos or NFTs.

They will just find the game in play store and decide to play it, and select a character without even knowing that it’s NFT that belongs to another person.

For this model we are thinking about having a pool of Cukies where the ratio would be always the same. As a players gains more experience in the game he/she will have access to rarer Cukies, increasing the chances to get bigger rewards.

Cukies can breed as @antonio explained, but the exact process is still to be decided. The part where we talk about a nest, etc was in our first whitepaper version which was released some time ago. Many things has changed since then, not only in Cukies World but in the whole P2E model, and we will likely to change this and have a different breeding system.


Hey! I was answering other message at the same time and missed your question :pray:

There won’t be immediate rewards until UKI token is in the market, however players will start ranking themselves, as this will play an important role once the rewards system is in place.

To clarify further, imagine that we have a pool to reward players and 5 different levels in the game based on their ranking. Players in level 1 will get more rewards than in level 2, and so on.

So even there is no rewards at the very beginning, since the game release users will start competing and ranking themselves in the different levels based on their game performance.