Cukies: Rush & Run – Onboarding Web2 players to Web3 (by Cukies World team)

Oh ok thank you. I get it. Those of higher ranks will get more reward when you launch the reward system

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Exactly that. And once the reward system is enabled the rank will be changing all the time, and players’ level updated every 5-10 days.


alright thank you team

Greetings @accesovip123 ! Your project seems to be missing details on:

Project Info:
Project Website:
Project Test Instructions:
Project Milestones:

Please add them to your project. Thank you!

Everything will be added before the deadline, thanks! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Roadmap updated!


How many cukies does one need to be able to play your game??

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Hey @Nana66419, just one Cuki is needed. Once we set up the lending platform, even those without any Cukies will be able to play and earn.


Main post updated with video, screenshots and instructions on how to test the game! :100: :100:


Parece divertido el juego, lo pruebo y te digo.

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always on point
Congrats keep building

Nice one, keep up the good work, wish you all the best once again :handshake:

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The video has been updated with a voiceover, so we explain better the current game status :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info, I’ll watch the video again


There is still a lot of work to do as the game is on early development stage. However we wanted to introduce the concept of mini-games that we are bringing now to Cukies World ecosystem, and wanted to present the first one, Rush & Run in this case. :desert_island: :man_running:


No puedo descargar en windows el juego.

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Thanks for letting us know! Will ask the devs about it to see what could be the issue and solve it asap.


You guys are doing great :+1: and i am wishing you all the best this hackathon. Lets make tron the best blockchain ever.

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Thank you, really appreciate your support :smiling_face:

Let’s keep building! :desert_island: :100:

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Hi @accesovip123 Welcome back to the TRON Hackathon and joining for S4!

Can you break down the evolution of Cukies since you joined in the earlier hackathon, I believe it was S1 or S2. Mainly updates or lessons learned since the first submission.

Also, how do you plan to integrate a scholarship model inside the Cukies: Rush & Run app?