Cukies: Rush & Run – Onboarding Web2 players to Web3 (by Cukies World team)

HI @EMerchant , thanks for your questions! :smiling_face:

It was in S2 when Cukies World participated for the first time. All the progress made since then is explained in the Cukies World thread we have in the builders track. You can check it here:

If you are missing something, please feel free to ask there directly, as I think the question regarding the evolution of Cukies fits there better.

To be clear, that thread i’m sharing is about Cukies World and the whole ecosystem we are planning to create around Cukies, while this one is only about Cukies: Rush & Run, a separated game.

Regarding the scholarship model question, is still being worked on, but simply put: we will have a smart contract similar to the staking one we already have, where users willing to lend their Cukies will be able to send them.

On the other side we will have the web2 players, that will download the app and will have to chose a Cuki to play with. The Cukies available for them will be the ones that Cukies owners are willing to lend.

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your artstyle is really endearing and beautiful :heart_eyes:


You are welcome to this great forum you are always free to interact :handshake:

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Thanks for that, glad you like it! :smiley:

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Definitely digging the multiplayer side

A great project with a solid team behind it. Wishing you the best this season

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When i see a project that builds i know, y’all have worked hard. Time is near to reap the fruit of your labour. Good luck


Thank you so much for your support and encouragement! We have dedicated a lot of effort and time to this project and are grateful for the opportunity to see it come to fruition. We’re looking forward to the next phase and we appreciate your well wishes as we move forward :desert_island: :man_running:

Hello good day, Would you guys have your own token or make use of only tron?

Hello team,
I am trying to improve myself in design and I would love to contact you if you are looking for a teammate to improve your project or for new projects !

Hi! We will be using our own token, UKI, not only for Cukies: Rush & Run but for the whole Cukies World ecosystem.


Thanks for letting us know! We are not looking for more designers at the moment, but will save your contact in case this changes anytime in the future. :smiling_face:

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Good luck to Cukies for hackaTRON and the future ! Your games look awesome ! I will play around soon and give my feedback.

You will get my vote

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Is there any plans to launch this on iOS devices also?

Thank you so much, very appreciated !! :slight_smile:

Hi! Yes, absolutely.

We need to start from somewhere and decided to begin with the android version because we can reach a wider audience faster and also it’s easier to upload the game to play store that app store.

But the iOS version will come too :desert_island: :man_running:

Reminds me of some of my childhood games lol… should be nice.

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Great work team!! You have done a great job… Keep going

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This gamefi project caught my attention. I also like the accessories you added. I had the opportunity to test this strategic game you created. I appreciate your designs and efforts. One last question…
Can we download it from Play Store or App Store?