Cukies World: The Infinite Archipelago Revamped and Better Than Ever

Hi @ines_valerie !

The game has a lot of items, detailed graphics, and a 3D environment. It’s not easy to create a lite version of this kind of game. We have other types of games, such as Cukies Brain Buzz, that can be played without downloading anything for this reason.

In the case of Cukies World, what we can do is split the downloads. Initially, players would only need to download the essentials to start playing, and then additional packages of items can be downloaded as they are required in the game. We plan to look into this in the upcoming versions.

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Thanks a lot @Quevuelta9301 !

Indeed, we currently have 3 games integrated in the Cukies ecosystem, and already two more under development :desert_island: :rocket:


Leí algo sobre una competencia que se realizará. Se tiene definidas las fechas y la distribución de premios o cómo tienen pensado la competencia.

Posdata: Excelente progreso el que han tenido durante este tiempo. Enhorabuena.

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You are welcome ! :desert_island:


Nice project💪, good job during 3 years

Please look into it as the game size is on the big size and my phone memory is very low, thank you

Thank you @Youngyuppie for your kind words! We completely agree and are excited to see how this system fosters a stronger community and encourages more engagement within our ecosystem. :rocket: :rocket:

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Thanks for your message, @Relate101!

We plan to work on that after releasing the next game version, 1.0.9.

Compiling a game like Cukies World for iOS requires significant computational resources and specialized work. Therefore, our focus for now has remained on the Android and Windows versions.

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Alright, thank you for the response

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Hi @est.crios, thanks for your words!

If you are referring to Cukies World Challenges, we have had 2 so far, and there are 2 more that will be announced soon, with the next one coming next week. The challenges are always announced on our social media. You can follow us on Twitter to ensure you don’t miss any updates:

We are also running a tournament during the Hackathon in one of our newly presented games in the Cukies ecosystem, Cukies Brain Buzz.

The tournament starts this Tuesday, with a prize pool of 20,000 TRX. If you want to learn more, please visit our Brain Buzz thread, where all the details will be announced:

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Muchas gracias.

Disculpa, tengo una pregunta. Lo que sucede es que yo tengo un par de Cukies. Yo ya estaba registrado en el juego, pero la verdad no tengo claro si en ese momento me registré con mi wallet de BSC o TRON.
En este caso ¿existe algún inconveniente en participar, en el caso que no lo haya hecho con la red de Tron? He visto el juego, y veo que puedo jugar con mis dos Cukies a Cukies Brain Buzz. Saludos y muy buen trabajo.

Hey @est.crios, great to hear that you have a couple of Cukies!

Of course, you can play, no problem at all. When creating an account, you can link both a Tron and a BSC wallet. So, even if your Cukies are on BSC, when you log in with your username, you will be able to use them in the game.