EcoryptoNFT (ECON)


Ecorypto aims to incentivize users to build a more sustainable lifestyle. By completing up to 4 eco-friendly challenges per day, users can collect eco-coins to purchase and trade accessory NFTs. Users purchase these NFTs to level up and personalize their avatars to show off to friends and family.


– Ecorypto: Smart contract code

– Other: Web-front related

In our ecosystem, we issued our own TRC20 token called ECO and crafted NFT (TRC721) for the avatar costumes and equipment. Users can use tokens to buy NFTs.

EcoryptoNFT (ECON) (TRC721)

Our NFT follows the TRC721 ​​standard and stores the images on the Pinata IPFS system. Users can use ECO to mint and buy NFTs, or they can sell NFTs to get ECOs.

EcoryptoNFT (ECON)

Ecorypto (ECO) (TRC20)

The total supply is 1000000000 with 6 decimals. Our goal is to make a more eco-friendly environment, and it is crucial that we cannot make huge consumption and carbon emissions when we do the transaction. Tron is a more eco-friendly blockchain compared to the other PoS chain.

Ecorypto (ECO) Token

Users actions reward

A.Motivation: can record their actions through transactions,get related reward/incentives,and they also can mint NFT for sale.

B.User data verification: access the data from iwatch access data from third-party app( such as car/gas usage,recycle trade)

C. Record their actions ( Record the users action and reward them)

Step 1: We define some eco-friendliness actions type such as walk/step/Electric car/Resource recycle,and send the users fixed reward by the application organizer.( Through TronIDE to deploy the contract)

Step 2: Got the complete action event and it will call the different reward function of the smart contract( Tronweb to connect the UI and smart contract,embedded ABI of contract)

An users reward transaction example


We used bootstrap and tronweb to interact with our smart contracts.This is the demo


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Nice project. How does the project measure the integrity of the completion of the task (task like Showering)? And I hope the team is driving liquidity to EcoCoin

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