FirstWave (MMO Horror Sci-fi Game)

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Project Name : First Wave
Project Track : GameFi
Team Member(s) : i am alone
Project Goal : popularization of science
Project Info : NFT Gamefi survival simulator
In the near future, humanity is taking steps to explore and colonize the planets of nearby stars.

The annihilation сruiser “Charlotta” is an experimental ship, one of the first to leave the solar system.

While en route to the star Vega of the constellation Lyra on board, the equipment suddenly turns off completely. A series of strikes occurs, one of which destroys the captain’s bridge along with the officers on watch.

Overboard - an unknown object, defined by artificial intelligence, as a wanderer planet.

“Charlotta” is torn apart by explosions. The surviving officers decide to drop reconnaissance. The shuttles disappear from radar once they reach the planet’s surface. Сonnection lost
Purpose of the game: starship restoration
Gameplay: completing quests; searching for \ selling resources, unique items, artifacts; crafting; capturing\building bases; controlling territories; creating\ escorting trade caravans and research missions. 3D first and third person graphics with 2D minigame elements. VR.

Character class:

Platform: The initial launch of the game is planned with the registration and management of the player’s profile via the web interface. In the future, PC(Linux, Windows), Android, IOS
Project Milestones:
Step One (Periphery)
+Basic design.

->Location “Orbit” (Physics of cosmic bodies. Capsule control. Inventory). Creating and launching the sale of the first batch of NFT boxes.

Launching testing of the Orbit location.

Location “Planet” (Landscape. Character physics. Resources. NPC. Logic of mobs and traps)

Launching the testing of the “Planet” location. Sale of the second batch of NFT boxes.

The “Starship” sublocation group (Drawing the interior of the ship. Craft. Quests)

Linking the “Starship” sublocations to the existing world.

The clan system. Transport. Caravans. Sale of the third batch of NFT boxes.


Loving the story and concept!
Good luck! :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot! I have conceived a lot of things and it will be difficult to implement, but the road will be mastered by the walking one. And I’m going.

P.S. I used to do everything online on Dlive and now I decided to continue it, so you can see the process online from time to time.


Character class




Created before applying for Hackathon.
A small demo area where you can run and jump, there is no other functionality. Things will look a little different in the future.
x64. The buttons are standard - WASD, Space, Shift. Exit - Esc.


Hi @FirstWave Thanks for your detailed post and graphics for your project. At this point, we are sure that the following few questions will help the community and the judges understand your project better. So, do go over them when you have a chance.

  1. Will this be an MMORPG or is it more of a single-player game with limited live interaction?
  2. How each character class differs in the game and what can/can’t they do?
  3. What are the objects you planned to NFT-ize? For example, will transport or landscape be NFT?
  4. Since it is a one-man-show now, and you planned to hire 2 programmers to work on the project, do you already have suitable candidates? If not, how do you plan on recruiting the right programmer?
  5. It would be helpful if you can add some rough dates on your project milestones so people may know when to expect the game to be ready.

I like it, is this unity based ?


For the purposes that I have set for myself, using a closed game engine will not work. I’ve been choosing for a while(BGE, Armory and so on) and settled on Godot. For drawing I use Blender, occasionally Gimp.


Made the final decision on the number of people on board the ship: 10240.
Started detailing residential modules.


Hi @FirstWave, I like your work I’m participating in the web3 track and I’m looking for long term partnership with game creators join me and check the project I’m pretty sure you’re going to like it’s related to GameFi.


Sorry, I spend a lot of time thinking about such proposals, because I already got burned once. Now I’m not up to it at all. If I have time, I will definitely look at your project. Having skimmed through it, I can say that it is still too early for me to solve such issues: a full-fledged economy will appear only at the fourth milestone of development.


No problem, take your time

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Is this project on the Tron network?


Horror sci-fi I like this. Keep movin!


Yes, sure. I am an old-timer of the Tron network. You may even have seen my work.
Some you can see here: FAN and on twitter, and I just haven’t done part of it in NFT format yet.

I have been waiting for a very long time for the opportunity to launch my projects.


Super!!! A great project that needs support. We urgently need support for this project!


Thank you for taking the time, the support of friends means a lot to me.


Sounds like quite the adventure story! Best of luck to you with this project. I know it´s something you have been working on for a long time.


Cool concept. Looks amazing. Best of Luck!

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