Groupby - split group purchases on the blockchain

Project Name: GroupBy
Project Track: Academy
Team Name: GroupBy
Team Member(s): 5
Project Goal: Groupby is a dapp that allows the user to split payments between friends or strangers using cryptocurrency assets. It simplifies the coordination process, takes away the brunt of large purchases for the lender, and allows for accountability between users.

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Project Details:
Have you ever had to coordinate with your friends to join a family plan to save money? It’s really difficult to keep track of every one’s financial commitments and one person usually have to be the coordinator and do all the work. With this problem as our inspiration, we created a dApp that coordinates people to join a family plan or group buying of any kind, then our system takes care of all the hassle of collecting and paying seamlessly and automatically.

Key Features:

  1. The user doesn’t need to know their group’s wallet addresses, just their emails. The platform will handle securely inviting them to pay.
  2. If the user can’t get enough people for a group or group members don’t pay, our D-app will refund after a specified expiration time.
  3. Our D-app features scripts that automate all the steps, all the user needs to do is securely provide their username and password.
  4. Lastly, the D-app allows crypto payments and to spend in the real world.

Future Steps

  1. We can focus on organizing more creative ways to pay – for example, buy now pay later. 2. We can support more crypto currencies in addition to stable coins.
  2. We can become a market place for automated, no-hassle payment using crypto assets.

To power the various aspect of our project, we used the TRON network as the backbone of our D-app. Then we implemented custom smart contracts to support the atomic group buying coordination. Lastly, we used a combination of oracle and browser automation technologies to provide our users frictionless automated payment experience.

Project Milestones:
Leveraging TRON’s insanely fast network finality and zero-transaction fee, we were able to build GroupBy’s service by deploying our smart contracts and working with TRC20 stable coins like USDT as the accepted main payment for our service. To build the oracle event listener, we utilized TronGrid’s API service to quickly and reliably poll data from the live chain. To make user data more secure, we encrypted the user’s email addresses on-chain using RSA asymmetric encryption, so only GroupBy and the clients themselves know the email address. All of our work with GroupBy wouldn’t have been made possible without TRON’s zero-transaction fee, quick block time, and the ease-of-deployment of smart contracts. We would love to build more projects on TRON than some of the other platforms like Ethereum.


Amazing and I love how you splited it step by step

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Loved the project and loved meeting you guys at the hackathon!


Take informations abut it


correction; not zero transaction fee!


wow interesting… i m waiting for the updates :100:

Group by an amazing project

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Hey Groupby!

Try We’ve built this ground up during the hackathon. RWAs are the hot potatoes as of the moment, but haven’t seen a really decentralized approach to bring them on-chain. We have an unique solution with an user-friendly experience. Give our thread a read and thumbs up if you think this is a value-add for Tron!

great idea
This is so cool

This is great as the stress put on one person to do such coordinations is lifted in this approach.

My question is, after the money is collected, how many people can have access to that group wallet, or the access is granted to only one person.

Milestones are so great, loved ur vision and perspective


A wonderful information giving out here

Love it !!! keep it up GroupBy :100: :100: :100: :100: