HackaTRON S3 community topics - $5K in prizes!


This is my first hackathon on TRON, i love the way it is organised and manager.
I checked previous projects with my team to get an idea about how previous winners have performed then and what is new on their platform.

It is was disappointing to see many projects whose link has expired or there is no audio in the video submitted.

I am sure TRON DAO members must be taking relevant actions and improvements would be visible in judging projects in this season.

P.S.:- I bought my first TRON in 2019 and participating now is very exciting.


@tronlive @Dendorion what do you think about creating a list of all the previous winners from season one and two, check if what they’ve promised has been delivered or not and make it public?
I don’t know personally what to think about it so I’m asking here and would like to see everyone’s opinion on that. There are for sure some pros and cons.
Could contact the teams that haven’t delivered yet and see how it is going and update the status as the projects are going forward.

If it appears that the idea is good, I will contact a group of tronics and see if we can get a grant from TronDao to test the platforms (energy + trx).

The list could be published here on the Forum with a section “delivered”, “going to be delivered”, “Left the boat”.


Btw everybody is very welcome to share his/her opinion about that idea here above :point_up_2:

I’m new here for the hackathon but I don’t understand this view… What all of you are talking about isn’t a hackathon… I’m a student that sometime goes to devpost looking for hackathons where I can hack on some project for a while, submit it and maybe win a prize. That doesn’t mean that I’m creating a project that I’m dedicating all my time to in the future, that isn’t and has never been what a hackathon is. That is much more like some grant/funding system. I don’t see why this should pretend to be a hackathon on devpost if it’s in reality some kind of grant program. I’m not ready to make a commitment to working on something for a long time just because I participate in a hackathon, that takes away from the whole idea of a hackathon. Maybe something like this makes sense for the “ecosystem track” if I think about tough


Thanks for sharing this :+1:
The goal of this list is not to make a witch hunt. It’s more something informative.

In my opinion the purpose of the hackathon eventually is to grow Tron’s ecosystem. Otherwise why would TronDao distribute funds if it’s not to help builders to keep building and enrich the ecosystem.

Having a list of the winners that shows what has been done so far after they’ve received the funds could show:

  • The % of winners that have or keep trying to have a real impact on the Network’s future
  • Which dapps are deployed on mainnet and can be used directly


This list could help in understanding how the distribution of prize shall be.

For example,

  1. In place of giving big ticket prizes of $20k+, number of winners could be increased. This will ensure more hackers learn about TRON ecosystem and sees how they can receive help and guidance from the community.
    When more hackers invest their 2 months of time and doesn’t get rewarded it demotivates them to be in the ecosystem.
    Also, expecting winners to continue building is irrational but rewarding them thousands of grand could be misappropriation of the funds.

  2. New participants could check the list and understand how they can build on top of it and not reinvent the wheel.


I do think winners will keep building if they want to create an ecosystem inside the ecosystem or if they have some other great ideas to bring to Tron.

Totally agree with the last statement. The list could be useful also to newcomers who want to build on top of existing dapps or create some synergy with those :handshake:


I do think this is a good idea and such a list could be usefull. If it should be made public i am not sure but it certainly should be used by TRON for a internal revaluation of the previous rounds.

I would even suggest putting together a due dilligence team , as by the amount of projects the judges have to judge + the time for it , it is very easy to oversee things. With a team in place specifically for the due dilligence part these are filtered out and also result in a better quality for judges to judge .

This can be setup by following a few simple guidelines for the teams to follow around without judging the projects itself .


Totally agree.

For the first part, I was indeed thinking about getting trondao involved all along the process and let them decide if we should publish a list or just keep it internally. Those data are for sure valuable.

For the second part I also think that a team checking the validity of the applications would be useful. But we would need a list of clear criterias that can’t be discussed and make sure the team members aren’t involved in the hackathon as participants. Otherwise it could lead to endless talk.


very nice initiative

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Happy this section is back for community contributors

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@Dendorion @fabsltsa I did some updates to the list I have in TRON-BTTC-Apps/README.md at main · simbadMarino/TRON-BTTC-Apps · GitHub.

I added a “Deployed in mainnet” column for anyone to check how community /hackathon project progress over time.
This is at least 1st prize projects progress up to now:

Feel free to reach me if anyone wants to add a project there or even you can create a pull request in github to updated it.


aren’t they already doing this? before projects get uploaded to devpost, I think they discard the ones that do not fulfill the basic criteria

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Its always good to be back.
Season 2 was epic but i know season three will be alot hotter.

Now back to the questions;

Question 1
I have tried out projects in the season two hackathon in the likes of TuruGlobal’s Africastars NFT, Justmoney,USTX, NRG, Tronbies, DebaWulf’s pack etc.

I even got myself NFTs from the TuruGlobal project which i can say so far so very good, aside the education i get on Africa on a daily basis, i am also earning some cool tokens on the side. I have never regretted getting into that project, and i have you guys to thank cause you gave them the platform for them to be well exposed.

Justmoney too is also my number one in terms of all my swapping deals on tron. Very user friendly.

Question 2:
Just like my brother @Dendorion pointed out, there are projects that got enough funding that was expected to deliver something extra but till date are still lurking in the dark.

Recommendation and suggestions.
I think going forward, the enthusiasm that projects bring onboard in the forum should be considered alot, some projects even without funding are killing themselves to deliver top notch quality things for tron, so imagine if they have the needed funding, they will go all the length in the world to do something great, some projects had no engagement whatsoever but got the highest prizes, how then do we expect engagement after they have won.

As the adage goes “ Even now that Samuel is alive, he is referred to as Ghost, how much more when he is dead and buried”


Thanks for giving us another opportunity to showcase what we have.

S2 was great and I have seen a lot of improvements in some of the participants projects. Others too are no where no be found. Can’t mention names. But it’s all good
Let those people to want to build, build. It’s good for them. @TuruGlobal, Tronbies, @JustMoney and others are building and it’s good to see them building always whether they win or not.

Good luck to all S3 participants

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That’s fantastic, creating a list of winners from season 1 and 2 to check if they are really delivering what they promised will go a long way to simplify things.

But as u said, there are Pros and Cons. With the pros being digging up those that really worked after winning and putting them in the limelight for all to see, this will one way or the other help these projects to get new investors, partners and also collaborations from forum members.

For season one i know @JustMoney and versacbrick from the camp of @TuruGlobal are still seriously building like crazy.

For season two too i can still vouch for @JustMoney @justrugnft @TuruGlobal, Tronbies, Debawulf pack and others that are continuously offering their best.

With the Cons; it will be like digging up those who won something substantial but actually delivered nothing both in season 1 and 2.
Creation of the list in one way or the other will serve as a “name and shame approach”

I wouldn’t want to mention names but i know my director @fabsltsa will do us the honor of creating such a wonderful list for us, to help us identify all these projects. Thank you :pray:


Director :joy::joy::joy:

As I said the goal isn’t to shame those that haven’t kept building but kinda gives valuable data to trondao (how many projects are still building, which approach gave the best results in term of % of projects keeping building), helps projects that are active to get more visibility (no matter if they’ve won the first or 5th place, so it gives the opportunity for the “small winners” as well to stand out from the crowd) and gives to the community an idea about which projects are supposedly here for the long term.

About the previous winners who are still active, the list can be extended to a lot of other teams like tronninjas, dCloud, USTX, Cubie, Tronbies, Intercrone, Nole, Ennovasol,….


That kind of list will be a very great source of information. Maybe the team will look into it and do it as time goes by. :blush::blush:

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Wow @fabsltsa if we do a word count you would be the topper of the forum :smile::smile:


I hope the quality follows the quantity haha