Having UNDO and REDO button will not be bad at all

Sentences are sometimes quite difficult to construct. But imagine after going through the pain to construct a very nice story you accidentally delete it.

That is when you wish there was a REDO and UNDO button somewhere in the forum.

If its possible, i am pleading with the @admin.hackathon, @support.hackathon, @StevenTRON, @EMerchant, @WindsOfChange92, @adeel, @trondao and anyone that can look into this matter to take it up and implement it in the next update.

If it is available too, i will be very happy to be educated on how to do it, cos i have accidentally deleted all what i wrote and i dont know how to get it back. Writing it all over again will be very tedious for me to be honest.

So @fabsltsa, @Gordian, @manfred_jr, @antonio, @Nweke-nature1.com, @HODL and all other community contributors.



an undo and redo button would be a great addition to the forum. It would be very helpful for users who accidentally delete or make changes to their posts.

Would ask, if available, Should it be available to all.
Or will be available to from certain levels of users in this forum?


There isn’t an undo or redo button yet but so far I haven’t had problems with loss of write-ups when I’m typing my long epistles but one feature I’ve noticed that actually stands out is; if you’re typing long epistles and your device goes off, it becomes pre-saved until your next login session i.e you literally start from where you stopped even if you were typing a 50page article and there’s a glitch or your device logs out or goes off. Another absurd proposition that I have is editing without it being visible for everyone to see, I know not a lot would agree but I’m big on privacy like that, forgive me.


Hahaha, once you edit it it shows it has been edited just like telegram has.

The undo and redo came to mind when i sat down to construct a long statement and wanted to block quote it. I mistakenly highlighted all what i have typed and accidentally hit the backspace and all was gone.

I thought i could get it back but there wasn’t any undo button.
So i will have to type it again but not today. :sunglasses::sunglasses:

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Same with whatsApp, with edit features.

For my long post, I made them first on clip note.
Before I made it in the Forum or better still I save as draft here.

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Ouch, that really hurts.
You never know all the user functions of each feature at a stretch, so digital accidents like that are prone to happening bro.
Sorry for your alphabetical loss, happened to me one-time I was curating articles on medium.


I don’t know how mine works but I don’t easily lose my writings even if I mistakenly exit, it always pop up once i enter again, it works like magic :joy: … but I really understand your point it will be nice if it can be implemented

I saved the forum to the home screen so I flex it like an app as well


I don’t think undo is possible after deleting a post

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Yh i have tried and realised its not available anywhere. But it will be nice if it is introduced. Cos some of us when we are posting stuffs here, we type them direct on the platform and any mishaps then to affect us.

Mobile devices allows to undo. In iphone you can shake your iphone to undo.

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Yh it works perfectly, thats wonderful, i just tried it out. Hahaha :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

We are always learning something new each day.


Oh my goodness, we learn everyday.
@Nana66419 let give this man a medal


Hahahah he deserves and UNDO MEDAL :medal_sports: