How do you guys deal with anxiety and mental health related problems?

With great potential for gains in the crypto space, there is also a deeper depth of depression that people are feeling these days with the money invested during the bull market. The Terra Luna crash was such an important wake up call to stay grounded and to never over invest, and to take profits when available. But it’s difficult to think rationally when times are bullish af huh?

What are your go-to points for maintaining a healthy level of sanity while being active in this volatile space?


I don’t look at charts everyday and focus on building :+1:



@moneyversac Loves this topic. I think a lot of people struggle with getting bullish(excited) and bearish(Depressed) throughout the marketplace. Always comparing yourself to others who might be doing better or worse.

  1. Enter into projects you believe in but make sure you do your research, like/use the product and feel the people keep to their promises/development goals over time.

  2. Don’t be afraid to cut losses if you know it’s a project that is run awfully and you are down.

  3. Have Hobbies outside of Crypto. If Crypto is your hobby/space focus on the people actually building and not so much the price action. What cool stuff did people do/make today rather than what pumped today. Get involved yourself with fun community things or Crypto NFTs, marketing, discussions like this and so on.

  4. Make sure to enter projects during the bear cycle. This will give you short-term losses but greater overall long-term results.


I try to divert my self from thoughts, I listen songs watch comedy shows like Friends. Go for a ride. Try to do new activity.


When I was losing money at the beginning, I almost got depressed and lost more money every day. Then I stopped all the action and found a job :sob: :weary:


I was addicted to crypto before. And I’ve invested and lost a lot of money. I had to stop. Maybe this really isn’t for me.


You need to pick good crypto coins. Do some research as well.

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I was diagnosed with general anxiety last October 2022. For some reasons, it all started when the pandemic hit. At first, I was not completely aware that I am already having anxiety until I searched on the symptoms of it and found out that I am experiencing most of it. It’s very difficult to deal with especially if the people surrounds you is not very considerate.

Blockquote Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future. ” – Deepak Chopra


well, i just go through it i guess. i get depressed always and i’m kinda tired of it, so i just don’t care


Once I was depressed with major incidents happen in my life. Then it went to a turning point in my life.I always talk to nature, why is this happening to me. Also got some medical treatment from the doctors.
But one day it became my turning point.
I heard a lecture by the Buddhist instructor about inner peace.That monk is very educated and works as a professor at the major university.
But he realizes that it is not his freedom.He said that true freedom lies in our heart and inner peace.
That simple thing creates a little plant in my mind.I visited him and he understood my situation without discussion.
After that I stayed there for almost 6 months. I stopped all medicine. And adopted to work on the schedule.He taught me some meditation techniques to help me achieve inner peace.He has taught me how to connect our mind and spirit with nature. Then my depression left my life and I became a person full of joy and peace.

I explained this story briefly to get an idea. The things we retain in our lives are not reality. If we can be free from all things and live a simple life, It will be the best life to live with happiness and inner peace. :peace_symbol: Still some questions and problems come into our life. But if you can think of the middle way, that is the best.

Every person is a strong person and the only thing is that they hide their inner strength by working under daily stress. Don’t let unnecessary stress come in to your life. Study the meditation technique and choose one that fits your life.

Rise your inner strength! :person_in_lotus_position: find your inner peace :peace_symbol: with full of joy and happiness! :heart:


I’m glad that you have overcome your anxiety and you were able to find your inner peace. :two_hearts: :two_hearts:


Well do something real like hiking, playing e outdoor games and being with positive people

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you can be a trader , investor or pick role
i’m actually considering a good choice for the sanity of my mind


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I think it is really important to have hobbies and some other things in your life that are important to you

It looks like everyone has their own method of dealing with the adversities that come with the crypto space. I definitely hope the best for anyone going through a bad time to persevere through tough times because no matter how terrible it is, it always gets better. It always does! And you are amazing, whoever you are and wherever you’re from. You can make a difference.


Invest the amount that you can tolerate, do not do something that you can’t afford to loose.
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I think its a very important topic as a lot of people deal with depression althought its important to make themselves busy with other things it is also important to face the issue directly by seeking help (therapy etc.)