How Tron/crypto project benefits from deployment on Dex?

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  • We all see Crypto exchanges have been pathway in the adoption of blockchain technology, but the industry has become too dependent on them.

  • As of now, the crypto industry is still focused toward exchanges and traders rather than blockchain projects and developers.

  • For average project on Tron and other blockchain to getting listed on a major centralized exchange (CEX) is expense, plus additional fees each month for a market maker to ensure liquidity.

  • In 2018, a Business Insider investigation found that crypto exchanges charge between $50,000 and $1 million to list initial coin offerings (ICOs).

  • Even after those expenses, exchanges are the ones who profit from all the trading fees, which drains value from crypto projects and makes it hard to attract liquidity in a sustainable way.

  • Besides expensive listing fees, DApp builders lose control over the liquidity and value of their tokens by having to abide by the exchange’s policies and fees.

  • In addition, listing on centralized exchanges can also lead to counterparty risk (not your keys, not your coins). As @fabsltsa will say

As one of the project in our community is up to solving this problem @JustMoney @fabsltsa ( JustMoney spot trading Dex) big Kudos to them

  • Regaining control over native tokens:-
    decentralized exchanges (DEXs), which have reduced counterparty risk and low fees due to the absence of intermediaries

  • Liquidity is Paramount:-
    Liquidity can come from one of three sources: the project itself, the community, or external liquidity sources such as automated market makers (AMMs), aggregators, and professional liquidity providers.

Native token can leverage a wide range of liquidity resources thanks to its approach of using off-chain pricing and on-chain RFQs (requests for quotes), which lets any project use market makers and professional liquidity providers for on-chain liquidity.

Out of curiosity, I would need your opinion on

  • Does Dex have much success rate support to new and building crypto projects?