Are you aware of the Crypto Listing Paradox?

The Crypto Listing Paradox: The struggle for all Small Crypto Projects and How to Prevail.

In the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies, gaining a listing on a centralized exchange (CEX) can be a pivotal moment for any project, opening doors to liquidity, exposure, and potential growth. However, for small crypto projects, this journey comes with a paradoxical perverse challenge – the Crypto Listing Paradox.

“The business model of centralized exchanges as we know today, encourages fraud and project failure.”

CEXs, often regarded as gatekeepers to broader market participation, present a complex set of requirements for projects seeking a listing. While these platforms can significantly boost a project’s credibility, the demands placed on small crypto projects, with a small marketcap, can be financially frightening. Here’s a breakdown of the challenges faced by these projects:

  1. Listing Fees: CEXs typically require projects to pay substantial listing fees (up to $500.000), acting as a barrier to entry. For smaller projects with limited resources, this initial financial burden can hinder their chances of securing a listing. So CEXs will let those projects pay with their own tokens. After the project gets listed, the tokens are being dumped by the CEX to pay for the fee and the token price plummets. Leaving the crypto community and the project with bags full of sand.
  2. Market Maker: Beyond listing fees, CEXs may recommend or mandate projects to engage market makers to enhance liquidity. This adds another layer of cost, as market makers often charge fees for their services.
  3. Marketing Campaigns: To stand out in the competitive crypto landscape, projects are often asked to invest in marketing campaigns like trading competitions. This expenditure, while potentially beneficial for exposure, poses a challenge for projects operating on tight budgets.
  4. Community Engagement: CEXs expect projects to bring in traders from their own community. This requires active participation and engagement, putting the onus on project teams to foster a vibrant and involved user base. This often results in buying fake followers and pumping fake volume to meet the CEXs requirements.
  5. Volume Maintenance: Maintaining a high trading volume is crucial for remaining listed on a CEX. Failure to do so can lead to delisting, resulting in the loss of funds invested in the listing process.

The paradox lies in the fact that the only way to avoid paying exorbitant listing fees for listing a token on a CEX is, to already be a sizable project.
Which only seem to be achieved by being listed on a CEX. Paying exorbitant listing fees is a risk that always reflects back to the crypto community.
This Catch-22 situation creates a perverse challenge for small crypto projects striving to gain visibility, traction and protecting their community. These things cannot possibly go together.

It results in a correlation between the listing and negative price action pointed out by The Crypto Professor. He researched several coin listings on MEXC and wrote a nice article on the Medium platform, which underpins the crypto listing paradox.

However, there is hope. The crypto community plays a vital role in breaking this paradox. Collective action, even in small doses, can significantly impact a project’s trajectory. A few minutes of engagement each day, whether through group messages, tweets, retweets, or comments on influential accounts, can contribute to building the necessary momentum.

While the Crypto Listing Paradox poses a significant hurdle for small crypto projects, community support and active engagement can be powerful tools for overcoming these challenges. By fostering a collaborative spirit within the crypto space, we can help promising projects defy the odds and thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of digital assets.

Justmoney’s decentralized cryptocurrency platform, on Polygon, Ethereum, Tron, Binance Chain, and BTTC addresses the Crypto Listing Paradox by providing a cost-effective defi platform. It offers projects an opportunity to list tokens free of charge across multiple blockchains, within a fast growing decentralized crypto ecosystem that goes beyond the limitations of traditional centralized exchanges. Here is how:

  1. Projects or tokenholders can provide liquidity that can be redeemed anytime.
  2. Providing liquidity the liquidity provider earns 83,30% of the trading fees from the platform.

For example: the annual interest on the JM/USDT pool on Binance Smart Chain is at the time of writing, over 12%.

  1. The other part of the fee (16,70%) is being used to maintain the platform.
  2. The JustMoney Suite for small crypto projects comes with an Automated Market Maker, a Payment Terminal, an Invoicing System and many more tools.
  3. All services are free of charge but financed by each transaction.

“This business model is much more sustainable than current business models of the traditional centralized exchanges.”

The recent partnership between TheManeToken and JustMoney can tackle the Crypto Listing Paradox by leveraging Mane Token’s marketing expertise. Mane Token’s strategic campaigns and engaged community can enhance visibility for projects on Justmoney, fostering cross-promotion and addressing B2B needs. With Justmoney’s presence on multiple blockchains, the collaboration aims for sustained ecosystem growth, offering a decentralized and sustainable alternative to traditional exchange listings and marketing campaigns.

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Nice article Marco :clap:

Just a small thing: listing fees are always in USDT + tokens. The USDT is for the platform (from 30k to 500k for top-tier exchanges) and the tokens usually go to marketing campaigns (often between 10k and 50k).

So indeed while small projects are asked prohibitive fees for listing, some of them will ask to pay per month after the listing occurs (yes it is possible) and dump their team tokens to cover the listing fees. On top of that the tokens offered for marketing campaigns (trading competitions or massive airdrops) are usually dumped as well. Resulting in those parabolic charts going back down as fast as it went up, lot of people getting stuck with their bags bought at the top and the team left with no (or not a lot of) tokens to keep the project running.

And I haven’t even talked about the side costs such as market makers :sweat_smile:

So it is important for communities to understand that the teams can not be rushed to list their tokens on CEX as it, most of the time, end up pretty bad for the project.
Listing on a CEX should be planned once a project can financially afford it, or better when it can get it for free. Getting free listings is possible but only with the help of a big and active community. Hence it is important for everybody to keep being active and show support :v:

Thanks for starting that topic Marco!


Interesting article. Thanks @MarcoPolo for this educative write up and @fabsltsa for contributing meaningfully to it :clap: :clap: :clap:


Thank you marcopolo

I will love to ask some few questions

(1) what are the potential benefits of decentralized exchange ( DEXs ) for small
crypto projects?

(2) how does justMoney decentralized cryptocurrency platform address the crypto listing paradox?


Hello @Okorie,

Thanks for your questions.

  1. the benefit for small crypto projects to list on Justmoney’s platform is that there is no initial investment needed. Other than providing liquidity of about 2,5k usdt (worth of tokens) which can be provided by the project or the holders of the token itself. And can be redeemed anytime. As reward liquidity providers earn half of the trading fees.

  2. JustMoney adresses the Crypto Listing Paradox by putting the community first before exponential growth, making community-driven decisions and having a long term and sustainable vision. Also strategic partnerships play a crucial role in addressing the Crypto Listing Paradox for JM token.

I hope that these answers provide some answers to your questions. :slight_smile:


Providers earn 83,3%* of the trading fees :eyes:


There is no listing paradox on JM Swap cause there is no listing fee and projects even get free tools such as widgets that allow their communities to stay on their favourite projects platforms.


@fabsltsa thanks. I adjusted it in the article.


One of the best articles I have read this month. Thanks for providing all those information :jigsaw: