TRC-20 tokens listing on Top CEX or even smaller CEX

I have been pondering much on this which is very hard for me to swallow, for the facts I have Tron at heart and also want a huge success for Tron and it’s ecosystem, I think it’s time to voice out my feelings and observations about this issue.

Currently it's hard and no way to trade TRC-20 tokens on Big centralized exchanges like, binance, huobi, kucoin , etc  which is not really encouraging , apart from Tron,sun,btt,win no other TRC-20 tokens can be found on any CEX only Klv which is TRC-20 token but now has their own Blockchain has only find it's way to listing in majority of CEX if am not mistaking, I also stand to be corrected

My point and questions is here : what exactly is stopping or limiting TRC-20 tokens on listing their tokens on this CEX , am aware that we have some good projects on Tron that also have a good utility what’s stopping them from listing on CEX then?
Because I believe if more of TRC-20 tokens will be listed on this exchanges it will also attract more and big investors too and will also have a huge positive effects on the price of Tron and it’s ecosystem

This is my little humble suggestion @admin.hackathon Please it will be a very nice move to help most of these good projects on Tron to get listed on Major CEX , please look into this @admin.hackathon @HunterTRON @TronLive @trondao and also call on all the Tron ambassadors to look into this :pray:

Thanks @trondao Forum for this amazing platform


Very good observations
About listing on Exchange for some of the Tron project coin or token

I had to understand that there are should important criteria to be met before listing on exchanges.

Example… liquidity provision, trading volume and others

Secondly, depends or varies with the cex involved


hmmmm is it that they are not willing to pay listing fees or do not meet requirements?


That too can be a limiting factor

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sure bro most depends on Dexes. One factor too most big Dexes haven’t integrated tron. Dexes like pancakeswap, uniswap, apeswap will help if they integrate tron and some of these projects get listed there (just my opinion)

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Yes. I observed that too
Tron not common on some dex

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Well Sunswap is on Tron, Quickswap on Polygon, Pancake on BNB, Uniswap on Ethereum. Sunswap is quite big with $500M liquidity and about $2M daily volume.


Noted but I think some few projects on Tron have volumes too

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What requirements? and those that means that is a barrier if that is the case?

and with the 2million daily volume, do you have some of the tokens aside from the ones from Justin Sun making huge trading volume at least 50k a day?

any link to check stats?

and also with the swaps you mentioned most of them are multi-chain

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trading volume and others

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Here you touched something. Tokens trading volume is one of the reason why it’s hard for trc-20 tokens to get listed on big exchanges. But the answer is way more complexe. It’s not just about the projects finance and tokens volume but about the environnement (blockchain, community, market, hype, vc).
But since there is nothing that can’t be changed or improved, see it as a chance to be early on quality projects. The change can happen. And we (the whole community of investors, users, builders) can ignite the flame that will give impetus to change.


:ok_hand: perfect I like we being the early birds part…

but we need change @fabsltsa :smile:
eerm please are part of marketing team of @JustMoney or

I think good builders on Tron know what they have to do and so far they did their best. We are just going the hard path cause we don’t have much choice. The path is longer but we won’t give up and eventually should be rewarded with recognition and success.

My own opinion about what the users/investors should do is stop focusing only on TRX. The ecosystem is wider than one coin and few official tokens. They have to learn about the other opportunities but also be careful, research, don’t drop money to the first project that serves them some nice sweet speech about how successful they will be in no time. It takes time but worth the time spent. Once you’ve found the projects you want to invest in, don’t be an invisible holder. Make some noise, spread the word, share your opinion on how the projects can be improved, cheer up the team from time to time, stay active on social networks, stop watching charts and focus on growing the community.

I think you agree with me since you are an active member and you know how many people subscribed to this forum and remain silent.

The big majority of holders don’t want to get too involved or are maybe too shy to speak up. If it’s the second reason, don’t be shy. Don’t scare to ask questions, share your opinion. You are as legit as any other holder, user. See those shitcoins with no product nor usecase on other chains that have tens of thousands of holders and 10-20M mcap. The reason why they get so far with one logo and a token only lies in the community engagement.


:clap::clap::clap::clap: you’ve said it all brother :heart:
I agree with you 100%

We have so many invisible holders and crypto is about community.

The last time I was saying this, if you go to Twitter you may think some projects pay their community.

They will shill everywhere and the said part is that, they will later dump on the new buyers.

As the community we have to sit up.

How many of #Tron ambassadors are active here?

We have to be active to encourage others.

As an OG @fabsltsa help us get them here :smile: please


And shitcoins get listed on exchange faster cause it’s the only way for them to keep growing the community and dump even harder. See all those tokens going 50x up when they get listed and then back 99.9999% down in few minutes or hours.
For some reason, thousands of people keep jumping on those tokens and ignoring real builders. But on the long term, only real projects have a chance to survive and thrive. Others just die or rug eventually.


In addition I would say
Not just invisible many CRYPTO fans

But most are not sure of their decision
If to be in crypto or not,
If to support a project or not,
Some don’t have time for engagement or commitment ( can’t blame on them)

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I don’t want to call name of some projects on Tron what did some magical pumps and dumps just because of their too good to be real promises

I don’t blame those jumping on those kind of project

Because average person need the short term ( fast profit)


nfts or what hahahaha a don’t remember any project apart from some nfts projects :joy:

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you are right, these shit coins also keep coming when will people realized there are long sustainable projects they should invest in