How TRON on Google BigQuery Boosts DApp Development

GM Tronics!

Exciting news for all you TRON enthusiasts out there – our favorite blockchain’s data is now kicking it on Google Cloud’s BigQuery! :rocket:

So, here’s the scoop:

Google Cloud’s BigQuery is a fully managed, serverless data powerhouse that runs SQL queries faster than you can say “TRON to the moon.” We have the advantage of using Google’s infrastructure to our benefit by allowing us to dive into a massive dataset in real-time. Glorious!

PLUS: Whether you want to use the Cloud Console UI, BigQuery CL tool, or the API with client libraries of your choice - you choose your interaction method. BigQuery plays nice with all sorts of data visualization tools, making it a developer’s dream come true.

Screenshot 2023-10-05 at 1.42.25 PM
TRON Dataset on Google BigQuery

Now, let’s talk TRON. With its insane data processing capabilities, the recent hookup with Google Cloud’s BigQuery means we can analyze TRON’s on-chain transaction histories like never before. We’re talking deep dives into token flows, smart contract magic, and how our users are getting cozy with the platform – all without dealing with the headache of setting up our own nodes or indexers.

So, buckle up, devs! With Google Cloud’s BigQuery on our side, we’re diving deeper into the analytics game. On-chain data analysis is now a piece of cake, and we’re cooking up some serious magic for our DApps. :globe_with_meridians::computer::sparkles:


this is huge :clap:
When moon Sir? :joy::joy::joy:


Congratulations :tada:

Wish it drives novel blockchain data analytics projects on TRON.

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Amazing,…Tron team is really making some great move since the beginning of the year, I believe the moon :full_moon_with_face: is around the corner


Looks like a new ath is lurking around the corner, LFG.


Wao this nice and interesting

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It won’t be long until the whole crypto community realise what they have been missing on Tron. Another giant step into the moon :rocket:

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This is very good news.
I hope this will attract new users to web3

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Big milestone for TRON, thank you for the update and looking forward for everything that is coming😊

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@EMerchant great breakdown! Thank you for making the article easier to understand. Im eager to see what developers can begin to build by utilizing the tools you mentioned :eyes:

What has he won? :thinking:

All these bots spamming the forum… Well, no need to worry because our anti bot infrastructure will definitely catch you up :joy:

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by the way welcome ok