Important reminders to ALL TRONhackers!

Dear hackers! submission end date is approaching (May 7th) and we are currently experiencing several projects still missing important information such as:

  • Milestones: Milestones are vague and dates are not clear to evaluate.
  • Devpost: Devpost submissions are not matching with forum submission. Participants must submit their projects to devpost to be eligible for a prize.
  • TRON/BTTC Integration: Make sure you highlight how are you integrating TRON/BTTC networks into your submissions and how is your project adding value to TRON ecosystem

Note: If your project complies with above key points dismiss this post.

If you need support on clarifying rules or need special help to check on a particular item listed above do not hesitate to tag or message admins for expedite support.

Thank you all for participating and let’s push even more to achieve great the best ever projects together! :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing this. All the best to all

Hi. How many hours left ?

You still have about 10 hrs to submit


Thank you for bringing these important points to our attention.

@SimbadMarino Thank you for reminding all. Please, is it possible for you to confirm that submission is fully complete if we tag you as soon as our project application is completed?

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Sure, let us know and we will check, :slight_smile: we are continuously monitoring projects

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Important reminder to all project participating in this hackaTron. Don’t expect a grace of extra days. This is your ladt opportunity to participate in the HackaTron Season 6

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:joy::joy::joy: what if the organizers decided to give them some hours

@SimbadMarino it seems something is missing, previous seasons we used to see tronbot sending reminders to projects missing some info. But I do not remember if it was doing it just before submission ends. I think it was through the selection period that was where tronbot sends out these reminders to help judges make selection. Are we going to see that again or this season no bot reminder.


most likely yes, @Prince-Onscolo , thanks for bringing that up, we just want projects having as much information as possible the sooner the better so for the selection period we have better organized posts. This should no be a big issue for projects, specially milestones, devpost links and details on how they are integrating into TRON/BTTC ecosystem :slight_smile: .

Even if implementation is not ready making a plan will provide teams with a priority and focused mindset, improving their chances of success.

Good luck everyone!


@SimbadMarino We read all the rules one more time and checked both our Devpost and forum submissions. Everything seems fine, however, we would be at ease if we receive confirmation from you. Could you check submissions of us please?

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oh nice and thanks for this reminder. No excuse for not updating. All the best to them

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I see my submission under Discussions. Not sure why. May be my mistake. I reposted my submission here.

Hmmmmmmmmm! Let’s see what happens

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Yes, I was wondering same too and thinking maybe, @trondaobot will begins its work after the submission deadline :thinking:

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @trondaobot display help.

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Thanks @SimbadMarino, you have been a great support throughout the hackathon :v:


Hehehehe you called tronbot here @Youngyuppie :joy::joy:


Yeah mostly it when judges are about to do the selection so probably after submission deadline