Invitación a creadores de proyectos de este s4

Hola all! Gracias @antonio for this initiative, consideration and questions.

  1. For S4, we’ve been building Sorrel Banq (Sorrel for simplicity) - a decentralised bank for stablecoins. Sorrel allows members to create digital wallet accounts that can be eventually used to access a variety of financial services, including energy free transfers + conversions, interest yielding vaults, peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions with additional crowd-fundable addons in the future.
    Our goal is to provide essential financial services to the unbanked and underbanked starting in the Caribbean region and those who are often affected by foreign banking de-risking policies, policies that perpetuate exclusion and other FX issues.

  2. We’ve created Sorrel to function as a hybrid non-custodial shared wallet via a smart contract. This enables us to support Shared Resources (Energy and Bandwidth on Tron). This means that if enough existing crypto native folks holding TRX were to stake and delegate resources to Sorrel via our vaults or via third party energy providers (soon), these resource providers can enable Energy Free transactions for Sorrel members and earn in the stablecoin used by a Sorrel member as this becomes the new transaction fee.
    To onboard new users to blockchain + Tron it is important to understand that the majority does not care nor want to care about the mechanics of acquiring TRX just to send their daily stablecoin transactions to meet their essential needs. This is a huge adoption barrier that can be dissolved. This Shared Resources Netwok (SRN) feature within Sorrel enables us to abstract this complexity away from the average new incoming user/member. Reducing the need for them to have 2 tokens (TRX+stablecoin) just to send 1 (stablecoin).

  3. Sorrel’s SRN is an adaptation of the Gas Station Network (GSN) that operates on some EVM chains. Tron’s Resource Model Architecture enables a far more efficient way to approach this on its TVM since with enough shared resources, TRX does not need to be burned to process transactions of fellow members. This can enable a shared regenerative economy within Sorrel and Tron as fees can now be in stablecoins.

While Tron’s architecture supports the contract owner to pay for Energy on behalf of users (which
is a cool feature not on EVMs), this setting is applied to all contract functions and also does not factor in bandwidth. With Sorrel, we can achieve this on a granular contract function level (Convert and Transfer) and cover bandwidth too via Shared Resources.

For existing users, observe the frequency and size of stablecoin txns on Tronscan. What if some of those txn fees currently being paid on the network level of Tron were discounted and earned by those supporting Sorrel’s SRN in stablecoins?

Other unique facets:

  • Can support gStables and popular stablecoins
  • Co-run with a team of 7 AIAs in specific roles.
  • Opensource. At a future point you can use this to basically launch your own banq and we can interconnect contracts, shared resources and access to the AIA team.

On Nile Testnet

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