Invitación a creadores de proyectos de este s4

En este apartado me gustaría ir invitando a creadores de los proyectos que se presentan en este S4 a responder algunas preguntas para las personas que pueden entrar en el foro y aún no conocen bien lo que pueden ofrecernos y también puede servir para personas que empiezan en este mundo.
Hoy he elegido a @fabsltsa, me gustaría que respondieras a unas preguntas, todos sabemos que vuestro equipo está realizando un gran trabajo, hay personas que no lo conocen y me gustaria que pudieras explicar un poco como:
. ¿ En qué se diferencia JustMoney de los otros?
. ¿ Qué facilidad tiene un usuario nuevo en recorrer la plataforma y operar?
. ¿ Cuales son los beneficios que puede obtener?
. Unos consejos para los que no os conocen o los que empiezan.
Gracias por responder y por tu tiempo, es de gran ayuda para muchos.
.JustMoney Spot - Trading Platform - #74 by fabsltsa


Hi Antonio, thanks for your questions.

What sets JustMoney apart in my opinion is that we are not just an exchange platform and payment gateway that list tokens. We offer several solutions and tools to those projects that have listed with us (giftcard platform, swap widgets, bridge widget,…). If usually the token listing is the last step of a collaboration between an exchange and a project, for us, it’s the beginning. We keep working closely with them and are available around the clock everyday.
Tokens that are listed on our platform are whitelisted. It means that you can find them directly in the drop down. You don’t have to input a contract address in the search bar to find them. This gives visibility to those projects.
Besides, JustMoney team is community oriented and constantly innovating in order to give the community the best experience while using our products. Lot of our features have actually been inspired directly by the community and we keep improving our products thanks to their advices/recommendations.

Are our platforms easy to use?
Indeed, our developers and UI/UX engineer’s mission is to deliver products that are useful, convenient, reliable, fast, good-looking and easy to use. And if our users have any issue, they are always welcome to join our telegram group Telegram: Contact @JustMoneyEcosystem and we will do our best to solve it asap :+1:

The 3rd question is pretty much the same as the first but let’s add that we have implemented several features on our trading platforms (Swap and Spot) such as the “discounted swap” (if a user doesn’t have enough energy in his wallet we will charge 19trx and cover energy fees, which is about 70% cheaper than what it would have cost by burning trx) and the multi-DEX routing (our trading platforms have integrated Sunswap largest pools in order to lower the price impact for the users and maximize the amount of tokens they will receive).
In addition to that, our swap is crosschain which means that we can help projects that want to expand to Tron. Our bridge and crosschain swap also make it very easy, cheap and fast to move tokens from a chain to an other one.

Some advices for new members who are discovering us?
Have a look at our platforms:
Follow us on twitter @justmoneyIO
Join our telegram group and don’t hesitate to ask as many questions as you want. You will always be welcome :raised_hands:


Gracias por tu explicación, ha resultado muy fácil de entender para cualquier persona principiante.


@akash Como constructor veterano en la cadena de Tron, me gustaría me respondieras a unas preguntas para los usuarios nuevos o usuarios que no te conocen.

  1. ¿ A quien va dirigido tu proyecto ?
  2. ¿ Qué aporta a los usuarios ?
  3. ¿ Qué facilidad de uso tiene para una oersona que es inexperta en este campo ?
    Explícanos brevemente que es lo que lo hace diferente.
    Gracias por tu colaboración.

Hello Buddy,
Thank you for coming up with this
Chit chat concept with project owners.

This I see beneficial for project owners
To explain who they are, what their projects offers.



Hello @antonio, a great initiative and thanks for asking this question.

Here are the answer to your questions and what every new user should be aware of Classic Chords.

(1) Classic Chords is made for everyone who loves music and investors who like to invest in a new artist.

As an artist, you will get a platform where you can showcase your talent, mint a unique music NFT, and get a global audience who can request a song for their lives precious moments. Overall as an artist, you will get multiple options to monetise the platform.

As a music lover or an investor, you can enjoy unique music as well as live streams of your favourite artist. You can also invest in early artists and help them to grow fast and earn returns afterwards.

(2) It is a unique platform where you can mint NFTS from music as well as get multiple streams of income. As I explain in the above answer it can bring different opportunities for every user.

(3) We have tried to make the platform interactive and easy for every user.

We have tried to make a design and interface familiar to everyone. For instance, the design of the player page is like what we have in most of the applications available currently.

Investors can check Artis’s profile and if they like the artist they can directly invest in them by buying NFTs created by the artist.

This season we have made the live stream page and global song request page interactive so users can get a familiar feel with web3 features and innovative methods.

(4) Classic chords bring a unique way to mint an NFT and bring innovation by bringing music, generative art and web3 together.

Apart from that it provides musicians and investors with a unique platform to go stronger in their journey.

Hope this explains what Classic Chords does in a good way. Will be happy to resolve any further doubts anyone has.

Again, thanks for asking to collaborate on this post.


Te estoy muy agradecido por tu colaboración y tu manera de explicar tu proyecto ha sido perfecta para los nuevos usuarios.


Hola @Claw eres otro de los antiguos en el foro, me gustaría que me respondieras a algunas preguntas, para que los usuarios nuevos conozcan tu proyecto y persona que se quieran iniciar en este mundo.

  1. Cuentanos brevemente en que te basaste para crear tu trabajo.
  2. ¿Por qué los usuarios elegirían tu juego?
  3. ¿ Cómo ayuda a los nuevos usuarios y a los existentes ?
  4. ¿ A cuantos usuarios prretendes llegar ?
    Gracias por tu colaboración.

@Deba215 hola me gustaría hacerte algunas preguntas, se que eres conocido por todos y apreciado.
Hay nuevos usuarios y gente que empieza en este entorno los cuales no saben mucho de vuestro trabajo.
Mis preguntas:

  1. ¿ Cómo definirías vuestro proyecto y a quién va dirigido?
  2. ¿ Qué aporta a los usuarios ?
  3. ¿ Es fácil es para alguien que empieza?
    Danos un consejo.
    Gracias por tu tiempo y colaboración.

@Sirluke , hola eres una persona conocida en el foro, siempre ofreciendo novedades que ayudan a la comunidad y realizando un trabajo excelente.
Me gustaría respondieras unas preguntas sobre tu trabajo para que nuevos usuarios y personas que empiezan en este mundo puedan comprender lo que haces.
1 Resume tu proyecto de una manera que todos puedan comprender.
2. ¿ En que puede beneficiar tu proyecto a los nuevos usuarios y a los existentes?
3. ¿ Qué te diferencia de los otros ?
Gracias por tus respuestas.

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@gamerhack hola como veternao en la plataforma me gustaría respondieras a unas preguntas para las personas nuevas o que empiezan en este entorno.

  1. ¿ Que aporta tu trabajo en el mundo de los juegos?
  2. ¿ Qué es lo que hará que un usuario escoja tu producto?
  3. ¿ Qué tan fácil es recorrer la aplicación?
    4 ¿ Cual es el siguiente nivel ?
    Gracias por tu colaboración.

@Maria_DarenMarket hola como nuevo proyecto en este S4, me gustaría que dieras a conocer de una manera breve tu trabajo a nuevos usuarios y personas que empiezan en este entorno.
Mis preguntas:

  1. ¿ Qué aporta tu proyecto a los usuarios ?
  2. ¿ Qué fácil es recorrer tu producto?
  3. ¿ A cuantos usuarios pretende llegar?
  4. ¿ Beneficia a todos ?
    Gracias por tus respuentas.
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Hola @antonio,

Thanks for this initiative.
Here is a brief recap of our project and answers to your questions:

1 - RevoluTRON is an interactive novel to onboard Web2 users to Web3.
We have adventure game in order to help people get into web3 without scaring them off with all the technical stuff.

2 & 3 - Our app should be considered as educational material. One among others.
Some are technical, some are posdcasts, other newsletters… we chose to fill a gap, the gamified way to learn. It’s will be suitable for some people and will not work for other, but the multiplicity of malterial will certainly help to onboard more users.

We designed it for beginners (chap 1 and 2, on the testnet to learn the basics through an exciting story), and also for more advanced people (starting from chapter 3, where we’ll showcase new protocols within our story).

Combining learning and incentives is always a good way to create traction, and i believe we can totally achieve this goal, with the partnerships we will build with the protocols chowcased in our app (it will be win/win, as our users will ultimately be users of the protocols we’ll showcase, through mandatory tasks that will be required to continue the adventure)

The idea is that our app will be recommended by advanced users, to their friends and relatives who have always been curious about web3 but never really want to dig into it because they never really understood.

3 - The short term objectives that we have are the following:

  • June 2023: Reach 400 users on the platform
  • November 2023: Reach 2,000 users on the platform

if you need some more clarifications, do not hesitate :slight_smile:


Hello @antonio ,
Thank you so much for taking an interest in our project Zombie Land v2.00

1-2) So our work is basically to provide as much fun and engagement as normal Web2 games. The current Web3 gaming market is focused on earning only, and mostly card type games are there. This kind of FPS/RPG game is very limited. So maybe our project will give you the experience of a good game with all the Web3 features. As I explained, what will make a difference in our game is instead of playing boring Web3 games, users would like to play and experience our game, where they will get as much fun as Web2 with all Web3 features.

  1. Our game is so easy that even a 12-year-old boy can start to play easily, so we have kept everything simple and clean for the user to navigate and understand the game flow.

  2. The next step is the mobile version, which is already under development at the moment and will attract mobile game lovers and be more convenient to play on mobile devices.


I like this way to involve the project creators.

  1. In short Ergon is an energy renting application and TRX staking gateway. Renters can enjoy the best energy rates and a simple interface. Small orders are zero fee. TRX stakers get ERG token in return. ERG is liquid and can be redeemed in TRX at any time (14 days lock applies). All energy selling profits and voting rewards increase ERG token price, so that all holders enjoy an increase in the staked value. Ergon supports community projects: all votes go to TuruGlobal SR.

  2. New users can rent energy or provide TRX to enjoy hassle free return in investment. Existing USTX holders can rent energy al 10% discount and enjoy up to 100% share of energy profits.

  3. Ergon has some similarities with NRG and JustLend energy market. With respect to NRG the main dofference is that NRG is fixed at 1TRX value and rewards need to be claimed periodically. ERG prixe is increasing over time and rewards are automatically compounded, so the user does not need to do anything. With respect to JL the main differences are the ease of use (on JL you need to close the rent), lower costs (on JL you need to use 160000 energy for a rent). All other energy apps are order based marketplaces, Ergon is a decentralized pool based system.


Gracias por tu explicación, seguiremos colaborando para que las personas se unan a este mundo y proyecto.


Gracias por tu respuesta, has dado un enfoque fácil para personas que empiezan, también para todos nosotros.

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Gracias, por la respuesta es agradable tener juegos apasionantes en blockchain, los usuarios que empiezan estarán deseosos de probarlo.

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Hola @wescosmic, eres conocido por los miembros del foro por tu trabajo bien desarrollado, también hay usuarios que no conocen tu labor los cuales entrarán en Tron o se les puede hacer llegar lo que se está construyendo. Me gustaría hacer unas preguntas.
1 Explica con brevedad tu proyecto.
2. ¿ Qué aporta a los usuarios existentes y los usuarios nuevos ?
3. ¿ En qué se diferencia de otros proyectos ?
Gracias por tus respuestas.

Hola all! Gracias @antonio for this initiative, consideration and questions.

  1. For S4, we’ve been building Sorrel Banq (Sorrel for simplicity) - a decentralised bank for stablecoins. Sorrel allows members to create digital wallet accounts that can be eventually used to access a variety of financial services, including energy free transfers + conversions, interest yielding vaults, peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions with additional crowd-fundable addons in the future.
    Our goal is to provide essential financial services to the unbanked and underbanked starting in the Caribbean region and those who are often affected by foreign banking de-risking policies, policies that perpetuate exclusion and other FX issues.

  2. We’ve created Sorrel to function as a hybrid non-custodial shared wallet via a smart contract. This enables us to support Shared Resources (Energy and Bandwidth on Tron). This means that if enough existing crypto native folks holding TRX were to stake and delegate resources to Sorrel via our vaults or via third party energy providers (soon), these resource providers can enable Energy Free transactions for Sorrel members and earn in the stablecoin used by a Sorrel member as this becomes the new transaction fee.
    To onboard new users to blockchain + Tron it is important to understand that the majority does not care nor want to care about the mechanics of acquiring TRX just to send their daily stablecoin transactions to meet their essential needs. This is a huge adoption barrier that can be dissolved. This Shared Resources Netwok (SRN) feature within Sorrel enables us to abstract this complexity away from the average new incoming user/member. Reducing the need for them to have 2 tokens (TRX+stablecoin) just to send 1 (stablecoin).

  3. Sorrel’s SRN is an adaptation of the Gas Station Network (GSN) that operates on some EVM chains. Tron’s Resource Model Architecture enables a far more efficient way to approach this on its TVM since with enough shared resources, TRX does not need to be burned to process transactions of fellow members. This can enable a shared regenerative economy within Sorrel and Tron as fees can now be in stablecoins.

While Tron’s architecture supports the contract owner to pay for Energy on behalf of users (which
is a cool feature not on EVMs), this setting is applied to all contract functions and also does not factor in bandwidth. With Sorrel, we can achieve this on a granular contract function level (Convert and Transfer) and cover bandwidth too via Shared Resources.

For existing users, observe the frequency and size of stablecoin txns on Tronscan. What if some of those txn fees currently being paid on the network level of Tron were discounted and earned by those supporting Sorrel’s SRN in stablecoins?

Other unique facets:

  • Can support gStables and popular stablecoins
  • Co-run with a team of 7 AIAs in specific roles.
  • Opensource. At a future point you can use this to basically launch your own banq and we can interconnect contracts, shared resources and access to the AIA team.

On Nile Testnet

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