Classic Chords by team Chordians - Unleash The Artist In You & Make Your Own Web3 Music V2

Project Name: Classic Chords 2.0

Project Track: Builder

Team Name: Chordians

Team Member(s): 2
@akash (Fullstack Blockchain Developer)
@LaBete (Frontend Developer)

Dorahacks Project Link: Classic Chords | Buidls | DoraHacks

Project Goal:
We aim to unlock investing in budding artists. An interactive and rewarding platform for music and art lovers. Play your music, mint NFTs, and create and watch live music streams - taking generative art and music streaming to the next level!

Project Info:
We are glad to be back in season 4! We started out in the Season 3 Hackathon and have been working hard on our Project to deliver the best web3 music NFT and streaming experience.

We are glad to share that we were finalists for the Hackathon organized by Encode club(Next video build) after participating in season 3.

Classic chord pitch deck.pdf (1.4 MB)


For Season 4, here is what we are planning.

(1) Providing MIDI files and Instruments support, that can help professionals to upload their files as well as connect their instruments and play the songs.

(2) Making the instrument page more attractive. Currently, we have a variety of sounds but the displayed instrument is the Piano only. We would like to add more instruments visually, like drums or Guitar so those who love particular instruments can also enjoy the platform.

(3) Stream is working nicely, but it is not that interactive. We want to add chatting and reactions as well as a feature like super chat to make Stream more interactive and fun.

(4) We want to make it multichain so that we can have a more user base.

Project Website:

Demo Video: Classic Chords Demo Video - YouTube

Project Test Instructions:
(1) Visit the live website..

(2) Create your profile using the edit icon available on the right side of the profile page.

(3) If you don’t want to put any NFT on sale you can skip the second step and directly visit the player page where you can play an instrument and generate NFT.

(4) you can press the start recording button(which is available on the right side in the controls) to record the music and generate ART.

(5) As soon as you press stop recording you will see a pop-up to mint that NFT.

(6) You can fill that form and mint NFT.

(7) In your profile you will see your minted NFTs as well as any NFT that you bought, you can put on sell or rent from that section.

(8) Every Artist will be visible on the Explore page. You can visit their profile and buy their NFT.

(9) There is a stream button. You can use that to either start a stream or view the available streams.

(10) Sign in with the meta mask to chat during the live stream.

(11) Send a message and amount to send supper chat.

(12) To request a song for a specific user, visit the user and fill in the form with the necessary details.

(13) You can see all the requests and accept or decline as well as submit work from the profile section.

We will update it as the new features are launched.

Project Details:

Classic Chords is now revamped!

So what’s new?

1. MIDI sound support: Unleash your inner musician! With the ability to upload MIDI sounds, professionals can now jam out and share their musical creations on this platform.

2. Multiple instrument support: The platform’s diverse range of instruments, in addition to a wide range of sounds was updated to captivate users with instrument preferences and unique musical tastes.

3. Interactive Stream: Ready to take your streaming experience to the next level? Users can now connect with others through a wide array of interactive features including chats, reactions and the super chat function for a more engaging experience.

4. Multichain Support: Hold onto your hats! The platform’s new multi-chain design is taking accessibility to a whole new level. With the support of multiple blockchain networks, users, both experts and beginners alike, now have the freedom to utilise cryptocurrency payments.

5. A Global Platform for musical requests: Get ready to experience a whole new level of musical connection! Users can simply make a request for their favourite artist’s song or put it out there as a global request for anyone to accept.

Smart Contract links:

BTTC Testnet address of current smart contracts




BTTC Main address of current smart contracts




How BTTC is helping Classic Chords:
(1) Store users profile details.
(2) Minting NFTs
(3) Trading NFTs
(4) Storing Live Stream Data
(5) Managing song request functionalities
(6) Sending and receiving super chat

Project Milestones:

  1. 2023/03/02: In-browser audio recording.

  2. 2023/03/20: Interactive stream with supper chat and smart contract update and integration.

  3. 2023/03/29: Custom song request and discount for NFT holders with smart contract integration.

  4. 2023/04/05: Making the Instrument Page more interactive with more visual
    instrument support.

  5. 2023/04/10: Providing Multichain support with BTTC, Ethereum, and Polygon.

  6. 2023/04/12: Launching Classic Chords Version 2.0!:clinking_glasses:

Follow us on Twitter & Discord if you want to stay in the loop.

We will be updating this page as we progress, thanks for your time!


Builders track :pray:t2::pray:t2:
Group of death :smiley:
Congrats and welcome back team.
I think I missed your project last season.
Please where can I get update from last season.
Where you were and where you are now?


Welcome once again the Chordian, wishing you all the best this season.

Will be checking out your dapp out very soon and if there is anything that i find challenging, i will link up with my questions.


Hello @Prince-Onscolo ,

We also think there will be high competition in the Builders track and that is what motivates us to take the platform to next level.

Let me brief you about the functionalities Classic Chords provide as of now.

(1) You can play live music using the player page and record it. Your recording will be combined with the generative art to create video NFT that you can mint.

(2) You can visit the profile section where you can put that NFT on sell or Rent.

(3) You can also create live streams and join any live stream as well as watch recorded streams.

(4)You can buy and rent NFT from the explore section.

These are the core functionalities of the platform.

After Hackathon, we improved some UI components as well as brainstorming about how we can incentivise artists more and make the platform more interactive. Based on that we have mentioned upgrades.

You can also visit the season 3 submission of Classic Chords to get more info.

Let me know if you have any additional questions, we will be happy to resolve them.


Hello @Nana66419,

Thanks for your support.

It will be great to get feedback from you regarding how you are enjoying the platform and if there are any improvements or feedback you have.


Will definitely do that, keeping building.


Alright thank you team, I will go through and come back

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Hi guys, if you enter the builder track kindly remove the nft tag since only track can be chosen per project :+1: If you keep it you might not access the community vote.


Hola, gracias de nuevo por la informaciĂłn, he repasado el s3, y he visto lo nuevo de su Web, buen trabajo, sigan construyendo.

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Hello @fabsltsa, thanks for raising your concern.

I tried with only builder tag but unfortunately it is yet not added to the hackathon tags so I was unable to post it.

May be @admin.hackathon can help allowing post with only builder tag.


Hola, gracias por su apoyo. Seguramente seguiremos construyendo acordes clásicos y agregaremos algunas características interesantes.


Lovely project name in the session 4 HACKATHON
In the builders track

I wish you all the best
And development for your project

Hope your project goals will be stick to


I just followed you on twitter

I saw your account new with 7 fellowers as at of today.

Please, do you have. Any promotional plan to build up for audience or exposure in the twitter space?



All the best guys, I am gonna look out this.

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Oh weird! Thanks for the information :raised_hands:

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Es perfecto, construir en acordes clásicos permite tener la esencia de la música, estaré pendiente de lo que vayan creando.


Glad to hear that you liked the project idea.

We will surely try to stick with the milestones and deadlines mentioned.


Yes, we are planning to promote Classic Chords on Twitter as the platform is user-centric and we want to onboard some artists as well as investors so that everyone can take benefits from the platform.

Currently, we are planning to follow traditional promotion technic like giveaways.

We will think on this line more as we move forward.


@kanit, thanks for your support.

Welcome to Season 4, I missed updates of your buidl from the previous season so I got a few questions;

  1. How does your platform ensure the security of users’ data and assets?

  2. How user-friendly is the platform?
    How does the platform plan to attract users and grow its user base?

  3. What is the revenue model for the platform?